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Good News from OKX to Bitcoin and Ethereum Investors!

source-logo  en.bitcoinsistemi.com 25 April 2024 10:43, UTC

OKX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, started the day with the altcoin announcement.

At this point, OKX Jumpstart will implement its new project MSN (Meson Network) and the mining activity will start on April 26 at 09:00 (UTC) and will last for 2 days.

Bitcoin and Ethereum holders will be able to earn MSN tokens by staking BTC and ETH.

“OKX Jumpstart MSN Mining will start at 09:00 (UTC) on April 26, 2024. BTC and ETH holders will be able to earn MSN tokens by staking BTC and ETH.

This announcement will support users to invest in ETH and BTC. The number of MSNs in both mining pools is 400,000 and a single account can stake up to 0.3 BTC or 3.5 ETH.

Staking Rules are as follows:

Staking token: BTC/ETH Token to Win: MSN Amount of Tokens in the BTC Staking Pool: 400,000 MSN Amount of Tokens in the ETH Staking Pool: 400,000 MSN Mining Period: 26 April 2024 09.00 (UTC) – 28 April 2024 09.00 (CET) Maximum Stake Per Person for BTC Amount: 0.3 Bitcoin Maximum Stake Amount Per Person for ETH: 3.5 Ethereum Stake Period: Can be removed from stake at any time. Beginning of Buying and Selling Transactions of Mined Tokens: 29 April 2024 (Until further notice) “

*This is not investment advice.