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Binance Announces the Addition of 35 New Decentralized Applications (dApps) to the Web3 Wallet Platform! Here are the Details

source-logo  en.bitcoinsistemi.com 05 April 2024 18:39, UTC

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that 35 new decentralized applications (dApps) have been successfully integrated into the Binance Web3 Wallet platform.

Binance Improves User Experience with Integration of 35 New DApps into Binance Web3 Wallet

This development aims to provide users with a seamless and enhanced decentralized experience within the Binance ecosystem.

The newly integrated dApps cover a wide range of functions and services.

These include Aevo, Ambient Finance, BAC Games, bevm.io/brdige, Blast Off, Blaster Swap, Celluar, CryptoMaze, Cyber8Ball, Ethena, ether.fi, FBPAY, Jumper.Exchange, Kinza, LayerSwap, LifeForm, Link3, Lista DAO , MonoSwap, Mute.io, OmniBTC, Particle, Puffer.fi, Satori Perp, Satoshi Protocol, Syclub, SyncSwap, SynFutures, Thena Finance, Ulti-pilot, Whales.Market, XY Finance, Zerolend, zkSwap Finance, and Zorro. .

These additions significantly expand the benefits and options available to users on Binance Web3 Wallet.

Access to dApps:

Kullanıcılar yeni eklenen dApp’lere Binance Uygulaması üzerinden kolayca erişebilir. Kullanıcılar [Cüzdanlar] > [Web3] > [Keşfet] > [DApp’ler] yolunu izleyerek entegre merkeziyetsiz uygulamaları sorunsuz bir şekilde keşfedebilir ve bunlarla etkileşime geçebilir.

About Binance Web3 Wallet:

Binance Web3 Wallet is a secure and self-custodial crypto wallet integrated into the Binance App.

It has been developed with a strong emphasis on innovation, security and user experience.

The wallet acts as a bridge between the Binance Exchange and the Web3 ecosystem, allowing users to interact with multiple blockchains, buy and sell thousands of tokens, generate returns, and now explore an expanded selection of the best decentralized applications on a single platform.

*This is not investment advice.