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OKX Introduces OKX Jumpstart Mining for ZK Tokens from Polyhedra Network

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 16 March 2024 17:06, UTC

OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced a new initiative called OKX Jumpstart Mining. It has allowed users to mine ZK tokens from Polyhedra Network starting today. This project allows eligible users to stake Bitcoin ($BTC) or Ethereum ($ETH) and receive ZK tokens. OKX Jumpstart Mining offers 6,000,000 ZK tokens to cryptocurrency fans who want to diversify their holdings and work on new blockchain projects.

OKX App Introduces Easy Access to Jumpstart Mining for BTC and ETH Holders

OKX Jumpstart Mining shows that the exchange wants to offer users new, high-quality blockchain projects. OKX Jumpstart Mining users who stake BTC or ETH can win ZK tokens for making the blockchain network safer and more efficient. This motivates miners and promotes cryptocurrency ecosystem community involvement.

Joining OKX Jumpstart Mining is simple. Users must deposit BTC or ETH into their funding account before mining. They can click “Jumpstart” in the OKX app’s “Grow” section after logging in. Once mining begins, users can stake any amount of BTC or ETH and have the transaction confirmed. Users can click “Unstake.” at any time. The tokens will automatically return to the funding account.

Polyhedra Network, which created ZK tokens, offers new cross-chain solutions for Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks using zkBridge technology. This technology uses zero-knowledge proofs to verify state changes between chains without trust. ZkBridge reduces on-chain verification costs and provides strong security without outside sources, making blockchain transactions more affordable and accessible.

OKX Jumpstart Mining Opens Access to Innovative Blockchain Projects

OKX Jumpstart Mining transformed the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It makes innovative blockchain projects like Polyhedra Network more accessible by allowing more users. Opening access to everyone promotes diversity and inclusion in the cryptocurrency community, which increases usage and participation.

Further, the reward system encourages mining, which keeps the blockchain network safe and running smoothly. Participation strengthens the blockchain ecosystem’s foundation, making it more resilient to threats and weaknesses.

In addition, Polyhedra Network’s zkBridge technology reduces cloud verification costs. Blockchain transactions become more efficient and cost-effective. Developers and users benefit from lower costs. It will increase blockchain adoption and speed up its widespread adoption.

Lastly, OKX Jumpstart Mining for Polyhedra Network’s ZK tokens advances the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Users can easily and profitably participate in new blockchain projects while making the network safer, more efficient, and cheaper.