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NOWPayments offering crypto businesses tailored payment solutions

source-logo  crypto.news 09 March 2024 20:33, UTC

NOWPayments is not just a versatile crypto payment gateway, but also a tailored solution provider for various industries, offering a plethora of benefits tailored to the specific needs of each sector.

With its extensive range of features and tools, NOWPayments empowers businesses of all sizes to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency payments into their operations.

Transparent pricing and customized payment solutions

NOWPayments operates on a transparent pricing model, ensuring businesses can accurately forecast their costs with a nominal transaction fee of just 0.5% and an additional 0.5% exchange fee for currency conversion.

NOWPayments understands the unique needs of different industries and offers customized payment solutions tailored to specific sectors, so they can accept crypto payments.

NOWPayments’ solutions for the gaming industry are designed to offer users enhanced security, non-custodial payment solutions to ensure secure transactions without compromising user funds, and more.

To ensure seamless integration, the platform offers customizable API integration that allows gaming companies to integrate crypto payments seamlessly. NOWPayments has a global reach, enabling businesses to accept payments in over 250 cryptocurrencies. This fosters market reach and lets merchants tap into new demographics.

In a nutshell, NOWPayments custom solutions make it possible for crypto businesses to create sub-accounts for users, utilize permanent addresses to enhance deposit efficiency, and receive real-time payment alerts. You might also like

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Crypto payment gateway for casinos

For casinos in the gaming industry, NOWPayments offer instant settlements. The platform’s instant settlement features facilitate the swift processing of winnings and payouts and offer increased privacy and anonymity.

The custom payment feature for casinos comes with a turnkey solution that can be tweaked to suit the unique needs of your business, sub-account creation for seamless user management, and ensuring efficient organization and administration.

It also supports optimized deposit processes with permanent addresses, simplifying transactions for users.

Businesses and users also get to enjoy instant payment notifications, enabling real-time tracking and management of all transactions globally.

NOWPayments also features both widely recognized payment methods and localized preferences. It gives users access to a variety of payment solutions tailored for industries considered high-risk. This fosters flexibility and accessibility for users.

The platform streamlines the user onboarding process by allowing users to deposit up to €700 without the need for extensive KYC verification. This enhances user experience and convenience while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Crypto payments solution for Forex and trading platforms

For businesses in the forex and trading domains, NOWPayments offers diverse asset support. It facilitates payments in a wide range of cryptocurrencies to cater to users with diverse investment preferences. Other features include customizable solutions, tailored payment solutions that ensure seamless integration, and an enhanced user experience.

What’s more, the platform’s secure transactions, non-custodial payment flows, and robust security measures provide a secure payment environment.

NowPayments’ custom solution allows forex and trading platforms to manage all aspects of their crypto trading applications’ financial operations effortlessly with a single API, monitor their account’s performance every step of the way, and receive payouts from traders seamlessly.

It also features automated conversions and enables users to transfer and withdraw funds in their preferred currency, whether it’s fiat or crypto.

Crypto payments for the adult entertainment industry

NOWPayments’ solutions support discreet transactions and crypto payments that offer a high level of anonymity and privacy, ideal for adult entertainment platforms.

Users enjoy global accessibility, as it supports over 250 cryptocurrencies for the seamless acceptance of payments worldwide.

NOWPayments’ custom solution for businesses in the adult entertainment space allows them to effortlessly streamline, monitor, and oversee all financial transactions in real-time, accept payments from customers, distribute earnings to content-creators either manually or through bulk crypto payouts and seamless withdrawals.

These custom features are all available in both cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currency payment methods.

Crypto payment service providers (PSPs)

For crypto payment service providers, NOWPayments offers scalable solutions that enable them to handle large transaction volumes efficiently, a customizable API integration system that supports the seamless integration of crypto payments into existing platforms, plus enhanced security.

Cryptocurrency for E-commerce

E-commerce platforms using NOWPayments solutions enjoy increased revenue opportunities, as their cryptocurrency payments acceptance expands their customer base, reduces transaction costs, and improves profitability.

Security is also enhanced via non-custodial solutions that offer protection against fraudulent transactions.

Crypto fundraising payment solutions

NOWPayments also comes with several exciting features for secure crypto fundraising. Secure and reliable payment solutions offer a safe and efficient way to raise funds through cryptocurrency payments.

It offers users compliance assistance, designed to enable them to navigate legal and regulatory environments effectively. The payment solutions also have global accessibility, enabling businesses to accept payments in over 250 cryptocurrencies. This maximizes fundraising potential and market reach.

NOWPayments offers custom features focused on crypto fundraising solutions. Its streamlined onboarding system allows users to complete the onboarding process in just one day, simplifying the creation and management of their asset’s availability, and no KYB verification is required, ensuring a hassle-free experience for TGE participants.

It fosters increased accessibility by cutting out middlemen, while also allowing businesses to reach investors from around the world without the limitations imposed by traditional financial systems. Other custom features include a seamless purchase experience, and facilitating swift and efficient transactions that ensure a smooth flow of funds during crypto fundraising.

In conclusion, NOWPayments is a versatile and reliable crypto payment gateway that empowers businesses across various industries to embrace cryptocurrency payments with confidence.

With its transparent pricing, customized solutions, and an array of benefits tailored to specific industries, NOWPayments is the ideal partner for businesses seeking to unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the digital age.

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