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Nexera Exchange launches its on-chain limit order book

source-logo  coinjournal.net 19 September 2023 13:50, UTC

Key takeaways

  • Nexera Exchange’s first innovative trading feature is now live.

  • The on-chain limit order book feature enhances interaction with decentralised exchanges it is integrated with.

Nexera Exchange’s first innovative trading feature is now active

Nexera Exchange, the platform recently introduced by AllianceBlock, has added an innovative on-chain limit order book to the exchange.

In a press release shared with Coinjournal, the team said the feature serves as an intermediary layer and would boost the interaction with the DEXs it is integrated with. It aims to achieve this by presenting an efficient and user-friendly interface while integrating features usually available on centralised exchanges.

The team pointed out that Nexera ensures more liquidity when users leverage an on-chain limit order book protocol.

The launch of the on-chain limit order book is the start of the second phase of development for Nexera. The development team intend to roll out more features over the coming months.

The feature allows users to set up limit orders securely on-chain

Thanks to the launch of the on-chain limit order book feature, users can set up a limit order securely stored on-chain. Nexera then determines the optimal match for that order, whether from the on-chain order book or Uniswap V3’s liquidity pools.

The Nexera team will be rolling out more features soon, including Staking-Enabled On-chain Order Books, Order-Triggering Matching, Yield-Optimized Staked Order (YOSO) and Dynamic Range Order Book Provision.

Nexera intends to add more features to its platform in a bid to provide traders with advanced trading tools. AllianceBlock, Nexera’s parent company, also seeks to seamlessly blend the distinct functionalities of DEXs with an array of DeFi primitives. The end goal is to provide traders with an enriched toolkit

AllianceBlock is an infrastructure provider for decentralized tokenised markets. It empowers businesses with liquidity provisioning and allows them to compliantly issue, manage, and trade tokenised digital assets, including real-world assets (RWAs).