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Coinbase Switches to Robinhood as Liquidating Shiba Inu Becomes Difficult

cryptoknowmics.com 30 October 2021 17:00, UTC
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As Shiba Inu reaches a new high, consequently it increased trading activity in the cryptocurrency, investors experienced enormous returns as the meme coin achieved a new all-time high of roughly $0.00009. When the meme currency reached a new high, investors, including those who bought Dogecoin at the time, rushed to sell and pocket their winnings. However, Coinbase, a popular exchange for trading Shiba Inu, has gone down, making it impossible for dealers to liquidate their holdings.

Investors had rushed to Robinhood during Dogecoin's high surge to place their wagers on the joke currency, and this is similar. Customers said, however, that when it came time to sell and collect winnings, they couldn't because the Robinhood site was down. Users expressed their displeasure at being unable to take advantage of the unexpected SHIB surge.

Coinbase And Coinbase Pro Down

Coinbase responded to the problem on Twitter. It claimed that there had been challenges with the platform, preventing users from being able to access and utilize it. During this time, there were additional delays in the trading and transaction process. Xapo assured customers that their money was secure and promised to rectify the problem.

A return to Shiba Inu trading with a fix

Following up on the problem, Coinbase made a statement stating that the platform's network difficulties have been resolved. They informed users that the platform was back up and running properly after the exchange. In other words, connection concerns are no longer an issue.

Shiba Inu's price had already dropped by the time this problem was fixed, therefore the repair would be a bit out of date. A day or two after SHIB had risen to its new high, traders were once again free to conduct deals.

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