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NFT Whale Transfers Millions Worth of NFTs to Binance To Show Support - TheNewsCrypto

source-logo  thenewscrypto.com 06 June 2023 15:25, UTC
  • The total worth of Machi Big Brother’s move was roughly 2,900 ETH.
  • U.S Sec has filed a lawsuit against Binance and its CEO CZ over multiple charges.

Machi Big Brother, a well-known NFT whale and former musician and tech entrepreneur, recently made headlines when they announced that they would be moving their Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs to the widely-used Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

As a show of support for Binance in the face of recent legal action by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the move was made. Etherscan reports that Machi Big Brother has transferred several NFTs namely BAYC and MAYC to the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Massive Support Amid SEC Enforcement

The total worth of Machi Big Brother’s move was roughly 2,900 ETH, sparking new conversations about the war between regulators and the cryptocurrency sector. As one of the biggest holders of BAYC NFTs, Jeffrey Huang, aka Machi Big Brother, became well-known in the NFT industry. Despite his involvement in multiple unsuccessful NFT and token initiatives.

While Binance is facing legal problems from the SEC, NFT whale has decided to move its prized BAYC and MAYC NFTs to the exchange.

On the other hand, CZ launched a Twitter poll asking followers to select between Binance and the SEC as to who they feel can offer greater safety for cryptocurrency investors. Over eighty-five percent of respondents favored the former, which is indicative of the widespread acceptance of the exchange.

There has been a lot of love for Binance in the crypto world, as seen by the poll and the trending tweets. When the SEC went after Binance, FBG Capital showed its support by transferring 44 million USDT to the exchange.

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