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FTX 2.0: Reboot Plan Revealed in Court Filing, Launch Imminent

source-logo  coingabbar.com 23 May 2023 15:35, UTC

FTX, a bankrupt crypto exchange, may soon see its revival plans come to fruition under the leadership of its new CEO, John Ray.

According to court filings reviewed on May 22, Ray has been actively working on a reboot plan for the troubled exchange during its Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

The court filing disclosed a compensation report that outlined Ray's efforts to safeguard the debtor's interests. While the report covered various activities undertaken by Ray, it was the mention of the potential reboot of FTX that grabbed the attention of the crypto community.

News of the exchange's revival first surfaced in January when reports suggested that FTX had identified $5.5 billion in liquid assets. The new CEO had been collaborating with creditors on a plan to resurrect the exchange. Subsequent reports in April indicated that FTX had recovered $7.3 billion in assets, with the aim to relaunch the exchange by the second quarter of 2024.

The recent court filing provides further evidence that a reboot plan is indeed being considered. The document revealed that Ray had conducted a series of meetings with creditors and debtors in the past month. Discussions in these meetings covered topics such as exchange structuring, relaunch plans, and the necessary materials required for the reboot, tentatively referred to as FTX 2.0. It appears that FTX will be entering a bidding process as part of its revival strategy.

News of the potential FTX reboot had a positive impact on the price of FTX Token (FTT), the exchange's native cryptocurrency. The token surged by over 13% following the public disclosure of the relaunch plans.

FTX Revival Sparks Optimism and Controversy

The court filing brought relief to the crypto community, with many commending Ray's efforts to revive the exchange and fulfill its obligations to creditors. Notably, DegenSpartan, a popular Crypto Twitter influencer, expressed optimism, stating that FTX 2.0 could provide a viable path to recovery for all parties involved. The influencer suggested that many creditors might be willing to sell their assets at discounted prices, enabling the exchange to regain solvency. However, not everyone shared the same enthusiasm for the reboot process, as some individuals claimed that the exchange itself had questionable origins rooted in fraudulent practices.

One Twitter user criticized the idea of allowing FTX to resume operations, referring to the exchange's previous actions as detrimental to the industry. They argued that FTX had caused harm through exploitative practices, using the metaphorical phrase "plucking" to describe their actions.

As the court proceedings unfold and the reboot plan progresses, the fate of FTX remains uncertain. The potential revival of the exchange could have significant implications for the crypto industry, offering a potential path towards recovery while also raising questions about the exchange's past practices and reputation.

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