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Kraken disables Bitcoin SV deposits; BSV community should denounce ‘frivolous lawsuits,’ says Jesse Powell


ambcrypto.com 23 April 2019 12:00, UTC
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Even as Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision [BSV] continues to trade well on market charts, troubles for the controversial fork coin continue to add up. In a recent development, Kraken announced that it was disabling Bitcoin SV on its exchange platform. The official tweet read,

“Bitcoin SV [BSV] deposits are now disabled. Deposits currently pending will be credited shortly. If you send funds in now, you may not be credited until after trading is disabled on April 29th. Please withdraw all BSV by May 31st, 2019.”

While responding to a Bitcoin SV supporter who questioned whether the Ripple “lawsuit” prompted the exchange platform to delist its native token XRP, Jesse Powell, Kraken’s CEO, clarified that Ripple never filed a lawsuit against the platform. He termed the squabble as a “personal dispute,” adding that XRP was already listed at that time. Powell also tweeted that he wished the BSV community was more “outspoken” to denounce the “frivolous lawsuits” filed by community leaders against Kraken.

Many BTC proponents also called out another Bitcoin hard fork, BCH, to be delisted from the platform in Kraken’s original Twitter thread.

This move stemmed from last week’s announcement by the San Francisco-based exchange. Kraken, in an official blog post, had revealed its plans to delist BSV after taking into consideration the over 70,000 users on its platform. The exchange platform claimed that the coin’s team was involved in fraudulent claims and was threatening on social media platforms. Taking legal action against individual members of the community who held dissenting opinions from the BSV bunch was however, the “last straw.” The blog concluded by stating,

“There is no room for bad actors.”

The unified delisting call from the crypto community was spurred by Craig Wright’s lawsuit against the #LNTrustChain initiator, Hodlonaut and Bitcoin proponent, Peter McCormack.

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