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India's Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Wazirx To Launch Decentralised Exchange

source-logo  yellowchronicle.com 28 July 2021 13:10, UTC

India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by Volume, Wazirx is all set to launch its decentralised exchange next month, said Wazirx Co-founder Nischal Shetty.

“The decentralised exchange is undergoing tests and will be launched by the next month. A decentralised crypto exchange is like building a peer to peer trades of cryptocurrency”, Nischal Shetty said.

The Co-founder of Wazirx also said that more than 7.5 million Wazirx users are interested in decentralised exchange for trading.

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Shetty said, “Because a decentralised exchange does not acquire the data, even the authorities and government can not go to the developer of the exchange and say I want the data”.