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Cryptopia is 24% done with moving wallets to secure servers

source-logo  chepicap.com 01 March 2019 13:30, UTC

Cryptopia has been updating pretty regularly this week following news that it could potentially reopen soon. 

The latest announcement from the hacked New Zealand exchange states that the company is 24% done with migrating their wallets to new secure servers. The announcement comes after a week of updates from the company following radio silence over the past month during the course of the investigation.

Update: We have transitioned 24% of all wallets to our new secure servers. Once the read only site is online, we will be keeping users up to date on which wallets have been checked and secured via the coin info page.

— Cryptopia Exchange (@Cryptopia_NZ) March 1, 2019

Cryptopia have announced that they plan to relaunch the exchange on Monday 4th in 'read only' mode. Assuming this mode means people will not be able to trade or possible withdraw tokens, but simply see the exchange and potentially their remaining balances.

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While the crippling hack appeared like a death sentence for the exchange and its over 70,000 users who held funds on the exchange, it appears only 9.4% of their total holdings were affected by the hack. ultimately not as bad as most would have suspected.

Cryptopia is one of the few exchanges that has been in existence for a long period of time, offering traders the ability to trade tons of defunct altcoins. Often referred to as "shitopia" for having the largest array of random coins to trade. Most of which can only be traded on Cryptopia.

Fans of the exchange will be thrilled to have Cryptopia back online, especially so soon after the devastating hack.

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