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Cryptomus, a Crypto Acquiring Service – Convenient Solution for Your Business

source-logo  cryptonews.net 18 August 2022 15:30, UTC
Denis Goncharenko

While the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies is roaming, most crypto-related platforms start complicating their user experience, as well as introducing complexity to the processes of registration and verification. Such an approach unfortunately led crypto-exchanges and similar services away from cryptocurrencies’ initial goal – provide people with fast, convenient and anonymous transactions. Fortunately, not all platforms have followed this trend, listening to the voice of the audience, trying to comply with the needs of both common users and businesses. Cryptomus is one of such platforms.


Website: https://cryptomus.com
Telegram: https://t.me/cryptomus_com
Telegram support: https://t.me/cryptomus_support

Registration in the service is simple and fast – only an e-mail or a mobile phone is needed. Anonymity is one of the benefits of Cryptomus, so KYC procedure is not required – this feature clearly distinguishes the project from more popular competitors.

The features of Cryptomus

Payment system. The basic function of Cryptomus is the instant acquiring of crypto payments. The target audience for this feature are entrepreneurs who need to accept payments from their customers. In general, the system provides solutions for the following tasks:

• Acceptance of crypto payments from any person or entity from anywhere in the world;
• Accepting payments without a website;
• The need for additional payment methods with low transaction fees;
• The need for secure crypto wallet, which is also present on the platform.
• Businesses are struggling to provide their customers with an option to pay not only with fiat money, but also with cryptocurrency. They fail to find a decent solution, facing technical problems – how to implement this option in a best possible way. Cryptomus’ specialists consult business managers and connect the service with their operating systems – for free.

The commission of Cryptomus for its service is about 0.4%, also depending on the payments turnover. Such fee is much lower than the average market fee of similar crypto payment providers. It’s also worth noting that there are no hidden fees – the terms of cooperation are quite transparent. Another benefit of the service is the speed of deposit and withdrawal. Payments are accepted in LTC, DASH, TRX, ETH, BTC, USDT. A billing method is available via the link. 

The rapid development of the service is notable: the number of processed transactions has already exceeded 100,000 by the end of July 2022. The dev team is working on the widgets for the websites and will announce the feature very soon.

Such a tariff attracts customers while also stimulating the service to develop faster. Recently, the following features have also been added:

• Auto conversion and two-factor authentication;
• “Auto drain” – an automatic withdrawal option is for transferring the balance to a client’s cold wallet;
• Telegram notifications.

Let's take a closer look at some of the features.

Auto conversion – this is a very useful feature to avoid volatility risks. The exchange rate is fixed at the moment of cryptocurrency receival, and the initial currency is converted into the one that is needed for acceptance.

2FA. The two-factor authentication is a well-known feature for minimizing the risks of personal account hacking. Also, in order to enhance security, an anti-fraud real-time transaction monitoring system has recently been implemented.

Cryptomus provides an option for withdrawing cryptocurrency only to the whitelist of allowed addresses. Such measure protects the funds from being hacked and form access by unwanted persons.

The project is relatively new, and this the reason for frequent updates and feature improvements. The company maintains a blog on its website for a faster customer reach.

Also, Cryptomus has implemented a referral system with the remuneration of 0.05% for all transactions of the invited user. The referral code is displayed in the settings of users’ personal accounts.

Why Cryptomus is a reasonable choice?

• Summing up the analysis of Cryptomus, the projects has the following strengths:
• Anonymity – KYC is not required, users can use e-mail or telephone for registration;
• Crypto wallet that is already integrated in the service;
• Security – two-factor authentication and anti-fraud system;
• Fast deposits and withdrawals;
• Three payment methods;
• Payments are available in six popular cryptocurrencies. Over time, their number will increase.

Technical support will answer your questions and take into account the suggestions for new platform features. If you or your business need a reliable provider for working with cryptocurrencies, we recommend you to collaborate with the services that strongly consider the needs of the market – as Cryptomus does.