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Exotic Markets Develops Dual Currency Note Tech on Solana


coinquora.com 25 May 2022 14:20, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

Solana-powered DeFi protocol Exotic Markets, officially introduced its Dual Currency Note (DCN) on the Solana blockchain. DCN has surpassed over 140K wallet users proving its technology’s potential. It also aims to bring back the interest of investors in crypto assets despite the current market bloodbath. 

In terms of technology, DCN is able to stand the wild swing of the market. This enables traders and investors to have the opportunity to earn decent rewards without too much risk. Furthermore, the network allows Solana holders to invest in a Dual Currency Note and receive their upside in Bitcoin. There is no need for alternative currencies or wrapped tokens to invest in DCN.

As per the information gathered by CoinQuora, DCN does not require depositing SOL or USDC into small-cap coins or vaults that use unusual operating mechanisms. The DCN is built with sustainable yield generation in mind. This makes DCN different from other offerings that suffer from inflated token supplies with little market demand.

To protect all its users in the network, Exotic Markets has transparently put together the DCN offering, with all risks and processes clearly explained before users get on board. This way all users will be aware and knowledgeable about what they are about to enter.

In addition, Exotic Markets enable users to maintain full autonomy over their assets and yield, further empowering the HODLers. Its mainnet will offer unprecedented DeFi products, while the Dual Currency Note offers a glimpse of what users can expect further down the line.

On the other hand, other products to access on the Exotic Markets mainnet include Worst-of-Options, accumulators, and autocallables. Future platform additions will include a referral program, trading competitions, and various forms of educational content – through a collaboration with Xcellerate – to introduce a learn-and-earn aspect to the ecosystem.

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