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Cardano’s First Defi Launchpad OccamRazer to Pump Its on-Chain Liquidity


coinpedia.org 08 April 2021 07:37, UTC
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The Cardano blockchain is buckled up for the expansion of its on-chain liquidity with the launch of the decentralized funding protocol and liquidity solution OccamRazer, tailored to the needs of the platform.

The platform has the potential to surpass the performance of other launchpad solutions this year and significantly boost Cardano’s market position.

Cardano’s long and slow development process is seeing the end of the tunnel, with the network now being fully decentralized and the majority of Goguen, the network’s governance phase is now ready to reap the benefits of its functionalities.

OccamFinance – The first launch

Occam Finance, is a project that aims to make Cardano the go-to network for fundraising, is one of the first big decentralized applications to launch on the platform. 

The ‘OccamRazer,’ a decentralized funding network with a complete set of legal and regulatory tech resources for experienced venture capital participants, will be the first component of this vision.

The blog post states that OccamRazer is totally production-ready and will soon host the first projects raising funds soon. 

OccamFinance aims for the platform to evolve into a fully integrated ecosystem, that goes well beyond a launchpad and other conventional DeFi products in the future.

It is believed for the launchpad to lure new users, businesses, and applications into the platform. It is said to have the potential of attracting millions of users. 

The company blog post stated,

“Being able to provide full-service decentralized fundraising will allow DeFi on Cardano to grow to be a truly global phenomenon”

The launchpad is said to have a user-friendly interface, to make it accessible even for the less tech-savvy users on the platform. The Occam ecosystem will support the launch of the OCC token. 

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