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Dex Screener: an overview of altcoin

source-logo  en.cryptonomist.ch 07 July 2024 06:30, UTC

With the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies, investing in altcoins through decentralized trading platforms has become increasingly popular, Dex Screener provides an analysis suitable for the context.

Choosing the right altcoins to invest in can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are various tools that can help you make informed decisions. Here is an overview of the best tools to identify the best investment opportunities on Dex Screener and other similar platforms.


Dex Screener: an overview

Dex Screener is one of the most comprehensive tools for DEX analysis. The platform supports over 70 blockchain networks and thousands of trading pairs, providing real-time data directly from the blockchain without the use of external APIs​.

Main features:

  • Multicharts: allows you to view up to 16 charts simultaneously, useful for comparing different cryptocurrencies.
  • Trends: allows identifying emerging trading pairs based on customized parameters such as the type of trend, the platform, and the time interval.
  • New pairs: monitor the new token pairs listed, providing details on price, volume, and listing time.
  • Gainers & losers: shows the tokens with the best and worst performance, useful for quickly identifying market opportunities​​.
  • Watchlist and price alarms: allows you to keep track of the cryptocurrencies of interest and set alarms for significant price changes.

Other useful tools

In addition to Dex Screener, there are other effective tools for analyzing altcoins on DEX:

  1. DeFiLlama DeFiLlama provides a detailed overview of DeFi ecosystems, monitoring volumes and TVL (Total Value Locked) across various DeFi protocols. It is ideal for comparing different protocols and seeing how they are growing over time​.
  2. Dex.guru Dex.guru is a DEX aggregator that also serves as an analytics platform. It offers data on price, liquidity, and token supply, in addition to monitoring the activities of crypto whales (large holders of cryptocurrencies). The platform is suitable for advanced users due to its information-rich interface​​.
  3. DEXTools DEXTools is another popular tool that offers a comprehensive experience with features such as trading performance tracking, volume and liquidity analysis, and price alerts. Holders of the DEXT token can access premium features such as ad removal and access to high-demand tokens.
  4. Parsec.finance Parsec.finance is designed for professional-level DeFi analysis, providing data on AMM liquidity, NFT price history, on-chain lending positions, and much more. The platform is highly customizable, allowing users to choose which data to display and where​​.
  5. DexCheck DexCheck offers a comprehensive overview of transactions on DEX and includes a whale tracker, useful for seeing which cryptocurrencies are being bought and sold by large investors. It also provides data on the most performing traders, based on their realized and unrealized profits​.


Choosing the right altcoins to invest in requires reliable and functional tools to analyze the market in real-time. Dex Screener, with its numerous features, positions itself as one of the most powerful tools for this purpose. However, tools like DeFiLlama, Dex.guru, DEXTools, Parsec.finance, and DexCheck offer unique characteristics that can enrich your investment strategy.

Using these tools in combination, you can obtain a complete view of the cryptocurrency market, identify new opportunities, and make more informed investment decisions.