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QuickSwap Launches on X Layer Mainnet, Boosting Polygon CDK DeFi

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 06 May 2024 09:32, UTC

QuickSwap Launches on the X Layer Mainnet, marking a significant step forward for decentralized finance in the Polygon CDK network. The integration brings a new Citadel to the dragon DEX, complementing existing Citadel capabilities across the Polygon CDK family. Users can easily swap and provide liquidity on X Layer via QuickSwap, making it the best DeFi experience on the network.

QuickSwap is now live on X Layer Mainnet ⚡️

The birth of a new Citadel on the dragon DEX, expanding the Polygon CDK family.

Swap and LP on X Layer (farms coming soon) via QuickSwap to experience DeFi on the network at its very best.@XLayerOfficial is ZK-powered Layer 2… pic.twitter.com/dqcW19CI8m

— QuickSwap 🐲 DragonFi 2.0 (@QuickswapDEX) May 6, 2024

X Layer Integration Enables Seamless Transactions Across Networks

X Layer – the first ZK powered Layer 2 network in the world and a side chain which was built with the Polygon CDK tech stack – is created to be a bridge between the OKX and Ethereum Foundation user bodies.

Additionally, this network will be able to connect with other Layer 2 chains without any problems, which means that individuals will easily be able to operate throughout interconnected networks. When the AggLayer will integrate the X Layer completely, the OKX’s huge user body of over 50 million persons will operate natively throughout these connected chains.

Moreover, X Layer can conduct such transactions for much less money and much more quickly using zk-SNARK technology. Other advantageous features X Layer offers users include near-instant finality, strong security measures, high scalability, and more, enhancing their experience with crypto.

QuickSwap Deployment on X Layer Mainnet Boosts Ecosystem Growth

The deployment of QuickSwap on the X Layer Mainnet is a crucial step to catalyze activity and expansion in the X Layer ecosystem and further demonstrates QuickSwap’s commitment to maximizing adoption and cooperation between the Polygon and OKX communities.

It also contributes to the impressive growth and achievement of the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystem. Together on the X Layer and with QuickSwap’s major cross-chain expansion, much remains to be done as the world gets closer to a fully functional decentralized finance future.