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Turbos Finance pioneers new liquidity strategies for Sui

source-logo  finbold.com 03 May 2024 14:00, UTC

Turbos Finance, a decentralized exchange (DEX), has unveiled two market-first liquidity strategies within the Sui (SUI) ecosystem, according to the information shared with Finbold on May 2.

The new strategies aim to revolutionize automated liquidity management and simplify liquidity provision.

Turbos Finance’s liquidity strategies

The first strategy is a network-centric automated liquidity management vault for CLMM positions on the Turbos DEX within the Sui network.

The second is an innovative Auto-swap capability combined with Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) strategies meant to simplify liquidity provision.

With these automated rebalance vaults, liquidity providers (LPs) can increase their returns with less effort.

On the other hand, retail investors and professional strategy managers will also be able to optimize their strategies and LP yield.

The Isolated Position Model

Turbos’ key innovations in automated rebalance vaults include the Isolated Position Model (IPM).

Different from the traditional share pool model, IPM offers individual fund management for LPs, utilizing Sui’s exceptional gas efficiency and scalability and setting a new decentralized finance (DeFi) benchmark for asset management.

Additionally, the introduction of Auto-compound Fee and Rewards will make it easier to form LP pairs by allowing single-token deposits for automatic pairing.

This new feature is set to attract more users, improve Total Value Locked (TVL), increase network activity, and introduce systematic investment via DCA LP functionalities.

To further incentivize and reward active users, Turbos will introduce a referral program offering fee waivers.

New Sui data models

Ted Shao, Co-founder of Turbos Finance, commented on the partnership, stating:

“Our rebalance vault leverages the unique capabilities of Sui to transform user interaction with DeFi. Users precisely manage their assets individually, adapting to market shifts with real-time, high-frequency adjustments. Our vault simplifies asset management through rebalancing and compounding to maximize returns with minimal effort.”

Adeniyi Abiodun, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Mysten Labs, the investors in Turbos Finance, echoed Shao’s sentiment, expressing excitement about the innovative digital asset management strategies introduced.

Abiodun emphasized the exciting opportunities provided by new data models, as well as the exceptional gas efficiency and scalable architecture of the Sui platform.

The new liquidity strategies will be implemented on May 3, with ongoing updates and optimizations planned to enhance efficiency and user experience.

The launch of DCA strategies is scheduled for Q3.