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Composable Foundation Announces Uniswap V4 Hooks’ Integration into Mantis

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 18 April 2024 18:53, UTC

Composable Finance, a DeFi platform, has recently announced its plans for Uniswap V4 hooks’ integration into the Mantis. The firm disclosed that it plans to integrate the above-mentioned hooks into the intent settlement agenda of Mantis while leveraging Uniswap pools’ functionality, security, and liquidity. In addition to this, it focuses on optimizing intent settlement to enable MEV and consumer welfare extraction.

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"Integrating Uniswap V4 Hooks into MANTIS"

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The Composable Foundation is seeking to integrate Uniswap V4 hooks into the MANTIS intent settlement framework. This will leverage the liquidity, security, and… pic.twitter.com/CRpK3uchQs

— Composable Foundation (@ComposableFin) April 18, 2024

Composable Foundation to Advance Mantis Agenda by Integrating Uniswap V4 Hooks

The company took to X to disclose details of the integration as well as its purpose. As per the firm, the integration target is to offer the operability of Uniswap V4 within the ecosystem of Mantis. This would potentially pave the way for the discovery of the exclusive possibilities to improve cross-chain interactions. The company revealed that this takes into account getting a comprehensive knowledge regarding the hooks.

Apart from that it includes the modification of the respective hooks to improve the agenda of Mantis. The platform also explained the fourth version of Uniswap. According to it, the V4 version offers several exclusive innovations such as unveil hooks. The hooks reportedly permit nearly infinitely modifiable development atop the pools of Uniswap.

The Integration Offers Several Cutting-Edge Innovations

The improvements and updates that the latest version offers include infinite liquidity-pool fee tiers. They also comprise native support for ETH tokens. Along with that, they also offer innovation and development that the community drives. Another exclusive service deals with a flash accounting mechanism. It can reportedly chain more than one action into just a single transfer.

Moreover, the V4 provides a singleton contract for effective token pools. The company asserted that hooks work as plugins offering numerous innovative choices on Uniswap’s top. This permits the development of modified AMM pools. The firm also claimed that the endeavor can enhance the Mantis agenda’s functionality with ecosystem-agnostic, and user-centric solutions.