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Attention Crypto Enthusiasts: Starknet Welcomes the Arrival of the New DAI Version

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 11 April 2024 11:08, UTC

Starknet, the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has announced the launch of the latest version of DAI on Starknet. This significant development brings enhanced functionality and efficiency to DAI users within the Starknet ecosystem. With the new DAI version now live, users can seamlessly transition from the previous iteration to leverage the benefits of the updated token.

StarkGate, the platform’s gateway to Starknet, has successfully rolled out the updated DAI token, providing users with the opportunity to swap their existing DAI tokens for the new version.

This transition opens up avenues for improved transaction speed, lower fees, and enhanced scalability, offering a more streamlined experience for DeFi enthusiasts. Starknet encourages all DAI users to migrate to the new version promptly to take advantage of these advancements.

For all DAI users: the new DAI version is now live on Starknet! 🚨

StarkGate has recently launched the updated DAI token on Starknet, meaning that you can now swap your DAI to the new DAI at any time.

We encourage all of you to migrate your DAI v0 to the new DAI version as soon…

— Starknet 🦇🔊 (@Starknet) April 11, 2024

Smooth Migration Process for DAI Users

To facilitate the transition to the new DAI version, Starknet offers users two straightforward options. Firstly, users can opt to swap their DAI v0 tokens for the updated DAI using any swap service available on Starknet. With a variety of swap platforms such as AVNU, Ekubo Protocol, layerswap, Fibrous Finance, StarkDefi, JediSwap, and mySwap at their disposal, users can execute the swap effortlessly.

Alternatively, users can choose to withdraw their DAI v0 tokens to Layer 1 (L1) through StarkGate and subsequently redeposit them on Starknet. StarkGate automates the issuance of the new DAI tokens, ensuring a seamless migration process for users. This option provides flexibility and convenience, allowing users to transition to the updated version with minimal hassle.

The launch of the new DAI version on Starknet marks a significant milestone in Starknet’ mission to enhance the DeFi experience for its users. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Starknet, Starknet continues to drive innovation in the decentralized finance space, offering users efficient solutions for their