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Vertex Protocol Launches Cross-Chain Liquidity Layer and Orderbook

source-logo  blockster.com 12 March 2024 17:49, UTC

Vertex Protocol introduces Vertex Edge, a groundbreaking cross-chain liquidity layer and orderbook, aimed at transforming decentralized exchange (DEX) trading. This innovative solution accompanies the launch of Vertex's cross-chain instance, Blitz, on the Ethereum Layer 2 network Blast, marking a significant leap forward in DeFi technology.

Vertex Protocol, known for its low-latency DEX on Arbitrum offering spot, perpetuals, and money markets with self-custody, has positioned itself as a leading DEX since its debut on Arbitrum Mainnet in April 2023. With the introduction of Vertex Edge, the platform takes a giant leap forward in providing seamless liquidity sharing across different EVM-compatible blockchains.

Alwin Peng, Vertex’s Co-Founder stated, “As we introduce Vertex Edge’s innovative technology, we’re unlocking a new paradigm of technical interoperability and liquidity sharing that’s optimized for a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem."
"Edge harmonizes liquidity between disparate blockchains, while also allowing for greater capital efficiency, deeper liquidity, and distinct features, such as a single USDC deposit interest rate, across all Vertex Edge instances."

Alwin Peng, Vertex’s Co-Founder
"We’re primed to continue innovating throughout 2024 and support more EVM-compatible chains beyond Blast," added Alwin.

In less than a year, Vertex has witnessed over $50 billion in aggregate trade volumes on Arbitrum. Now, with the launch of Blitz on the Blast L2 network, Vertex Edge will enable users to access spot and perpetuals trading across over 30 markets with zero basis points for makers and 2 bps for takers. Moreover, users can expect low-latency order matching execution, unified cross-margin, and shared liquidity across both Arbitrum and Blast, all while maintaining self-custody of assets.

Key Features

Spot and perpetuals trading across over 30 markets
0 bps for makers across all markets and 2 bps for takers
Low-latency order matching execution
Unified cross-margin
Shared liquidity across Arbitrum and Blast
Self-custody of assets

Darius Tabai, Co-Founder of Vertex Protocol, commented, “The launch of Vertex’s pioneering cross-chain instance, Blitz, marks a defining moment for the DEX and the broader crypto community."
"Blitz unleashes the full potential of Vertex’s performant trading engine and unlocks a multi-chain future where liquidity among chains is no longer fragmented."

Darius Tabai, Co-Founder of Vertex Protocol
"This achievement is not just a breakthrough in technology; it's a testament to our dedication to driving innovation and delivering value to our users."

This latest development underscores Vertex Protocol's position as a pioneer in the DeFi space, offering traders an unmatched trading experience with its hybrid DEX built on Arbitrum and instances on additional blockchains. With its blend of on-chain and off-chain technology, Vertex Protocol aims to provide traders with transparency, security, and efficiency that rival centralized exchanges while embracing the decentralized ethos of the crypto industry.

For more information, visit the Vertex Protocol website at https://vertexprotocol.com/.