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Ordiswap V2 Launches on Bitcoin Native Layer

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 01 March 2024 15:35, UTC

Ordiswap V2, the first-ever Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the Bitcoin native layer, has officially launched. It promises improved speed and functionality. Users can now enjoy faster swap times and cross-chain token transfers between Bitcoin and Ethereum via THORChain LPs. They have the opportunity to provide liquidity to their favorite BRC-20 tokens for rewards and yields. Moreover, they can create their pools with LP tokens.


The 1st-ever AMM on the Bitcoin native layer is now officially bigger, better and faster than ever ⚡️

Now, users can:

→ Swap BRC-20s (and more to come) at 2x speeds with wallets like @unisat_wallet, @phantom, @okx and @xverseApp
→ Transfer… pic.twitter.com/razCsL05J5

— Ordiswap (@OrdiswapLabs) March 1, 2024

Ordiswap V2 Boosts Performance for Seamless Trading

Ordiswap V2 prioritizes user convenience in trading. One of the best things about this upgrade is its improved performance. By cutting block confirmation times by 200%, Ordiswap V2 speeds up liquidity addition and removal. Current liquidity providers can buy and sell BRC-20 tokens in two blocks. This improves the platform’s speed and responsiveness.

Ordiswap V2 also makes many front-end and back-end changes to improve the user experience and system safety. Move from JavaScript to Typescript for code architecture to scale and improve user experience. Swagger improves third-party API architecture. Moving the backend framework from Express to Nest improves modularity and consistency, improving error handling and user asset safety.

Ordiswap V2 has many cool features. Unisat Wallet, Phantom, OKX Wallet, and XverseApp now swap BRC-20 tokens twice as fast. The platform lets users easily move tokens between Bitcoin and Ethereum using THORChain LPs, giving them more options and making app integration easier.

Ordiswap V2 lets users sell their favorite BRC-20 tokens for rewards and yields. Users who help liquidity the platform’s liquidity and earn passive income from their assets. The platform’s trading options have expanded with the ability to create LP token pools without permission.

Ordiswap V2 Aims for Expansion Beyond BRC-20 Tokens

Ordiswap V2 has ambitious growth and development plans. The platform wants to support more token standards than BRC-20s by becoming metaprotocol-agnostic. This includes SRC-20s, CBRC-20s, Atomicals, and Runes. The group is considering adding black-and-white modules to the platform for decentralization and safety. These modules ensure code compliance for off-chain executions. This will boost users’ confidence and safety.

Ordiswap V2 will continue working with top auditors like Thesis, Three Sigma, and SlowMist. The platform will fix bugs, improve performance, and improve the user experience based on live mainnet and user feedback. A V2 analysis report will provide more information on the platform’s performance and usability.