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ArthSwap Plans ARSW Token Deflation with zkEVM Integration

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 19 February 2024 14:52, UTC

ArthSwap, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX), is gearing up for expansion as the Astar zkEVM mainnet prepares for its much-anticipated launch. This strategic move signifies a significant milestone for ArthSwap. Moreover, it aims to extend its influence and reach within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

📢We are thrilled to announce our expansion into @AstarNetwork zkEVM !!https://t.co/Eu0sJ9Xz7U
In summary, our development will aim to:

– Utilize zkEVM, XVM, and XCM to strive towards becoming a "DeFi Hub connecting Polkadot and Ethereum".
– Increase trading volumes on both…

— ArthSwap (@arthswap) February 19, 2024

ArthSwap Plans ARSW Token Deflation with zkEVM Integration

ArthSwap is happy to have the highest TVL on the Astar EVM and Polkadot Ecosystem owing to community support. ArthSwap can become Astar’s Ethereum Layer 2 equivalent, zkEVM, with this robust base. It provides deep liquidity and improves swap efficiency in the fast-growing Astar community using its knowledge.

ArthSwap joined zkEVM to connect Polkadot and Ethereum. Polkadot DEX ArthSwap uses Astar zkEVM to connect to Ethereum Layer 2 to simplify cross-chain trading. This strategic step allows you access Ethereum users and assets and streamlines collaboration between the two communities.

A cooperation with zkEVM helps ArthSwap’s token, ARSW. ArthSwap will deflate the ARSW token once Farming Emissions’ first half nears completion. To make tokens scarcer, ArthSwap reserves trade flow for burns and buybacks. This wise move should improve the token’s value and ecosystem utility.

ArthSwap also prepares launch promotions for Astar zkEVM. ArthSwap will cooperate with zkEVM protocols to hype the launch. These events will promote zkEVM and ArthSwap’s ecosystem leadership.

ArthSwap joined zkEVM to become a Polkadot-Ethereum center. ArthSwap promises to streamline asset transfers and increase chain liquidity by integrating the two ecosystems. This helps ArthSwap expand and innovate in decentralized finance (DeFi).

ArthSwap Embraces Astar zkEVM for DeFi Advancements

ArthSwap’s cryptocurrency growth changed with Astar zkEVM. With its liquidity, interoperability, and tokenomics, ArthSwap wants to spark new ideas and encourage DeFi. ArthSwap uses smart projects and alliances to provide real value and grow decentralized money.

As Astar zkEVM releases, ArthSwap leads DeFi advancements. Adding Astar zkEVM to ArthSwap will influence Ethereum Layer 2 possibilities. The increase raises ArthSwap’s profile and shows its dedication to DeFi growth and innovation. ArtistSwap wants to connect Polkadot and Ethereum for users and developers. To strengthen its position in the DeFi ecosystem, ArthSwap plans to deflationize its native coin.

ArthSwap’s Astar zkEVM integration improves the project and cryptocurrency market. ArthSwap can aid DeFi because it wants to improve and innovate. Through smart projects and collaborations, ArthSwap seeks long-term value and decentralized finance.