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Horizen EON boosts DeFi on Ascent Exchange with ICHI vault integration 

source-logo  finbold.com 01 December 2023 10:47, UTC

Horizen EON proudly announces its partnership with Ascent Exchange, introducing simple yield opportunities through ICHI Vault.

This collaboration is poised to elevate Horizen’s capabilities in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, ushering in innovation and efficiency, as per the latest information shared with Finbold.

Horizen EON joins forces with ascent exchange

Marking a significant leap for the Horizen EON ecosystem, this collaboration with Ascent Exchange propels this platform to new heights. Benefit from Ascent’s expertise in decentralized exchange (DEX) operations to ensure more seamless and secure trading experiences.

The integration enhances asset and information transfer across the blockchain network, emphasizing a shared vision for a unified and interoperable digital asset ecosystem. This synergy sets the stage for decentralized applications (dApps) to flourish across diverse platforms.

“Our integration with Ascent Exchange is a testament to Horizen EON’s commitment to interoperability and resilience in the blockchain ecosystem. Ascent’s expertise, coupled with Horizen’s EVM-compatible platform, marks a significant milestone towards creating a more interconnected and robust DeFi ecosystem. Ascent Exchange’s early adoption of the Horizen EON platform is set to redefine the DeFi trading space,” said Rob Viglione, Co-founder of Horizen and CEO of Horizen Labs.

ICHI vaults present easy yield opportunities on Ascent

Since its launch, Ascent Exchange has incorporated the ICHI Vaults automated liquidity management protocol.

This empowers liquidity providers to earn yield using their preferred tokens on Ascent Exchange. Each ICHI Vault permits depositors to input a single token, utilized as liquidity in an underlying pool.

Prioritizing deposit token yield and guarding against impermanent loss, ICHI Vaults will soon cover a broad spectrum of assets supported by Ascent Exchange.

Horizen EON’s transformation with Ascent Exchange

The incorporation of Ascent Exchange into the Horizen EON ecosystem is set to yield multiple advantages. As the pioneer decentralized exchange featuring ve(3,3) tokenomics on Horizen EON, Ascent Exchange is positioned to develop a groundbreaking standard in DeFi trading.

This strategic initiative is expected to draw significant trading volumes and users, solidifying Horizen EON’s status as a premier platform for developers and DeFi enthusiasts.