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Consensys’ Latest Partnership With EigenPhi Set to Supercharge On-Chain Data Insights

source-logo  bsc.news 01 November 2023 13:14, UTC

Consensys, the company behind the popular MetaMask wallet, has today announced a partnership with leading DeFi analytics company, EigenPhi. The partnership will see many of Consensys’ existing products supplied with “comprehensive research reports, offering unparalleled depth and breadth of data-driven insights and analytics into transaction structures and trading strategies”.

According to Mars Cheng, Founder and CEO of EigenPhi, “This partnership brings together the best of both areas—EigenPhi's expertise in near real-time on-chain data analytics and Consensys’s deep understanding of web3 users and builders activity and need… Together, we aim to foster a more transparent, fair, and robust growth of the DeFi industry and the broader blockchain ecosystem. Our focus extends beyond mere transactional data to include the strategies that drive those transactions, providing a holistic view of the DeFi landscape.”

According to a release, EigenPhi boasts an array of “cutting-edge proprietary algorithms to analyze publicly available on-chain data” which will be put to use in supporting efforts made by Consensys to improve its products for its userbase.

“The real power of blockchain lies in its transparency and decentralized nature. This partnership will illuminate these aspects even further, shedding light on DeFi transactions structure and strategies… Consensys will leverage these insights to optimize transactions and improve outcomes for both users and builders. By enhancing and abstracting the experience of transacting and expressing intents on public blockchain, we further enable the next wave of participants and mainstream adoption”, said Didier Le Floch, Engineering Leadership at Consensys.

About EigenPhi

EigenPhi, a leader in on-chain analytics and DeFi intelligence, provides a unique toolkit featuring EigenPhi.io, EigenTx, and proprietary algorithms to explore strategies. We convert complex order flows into actionable insights for traders, enterprises, and stakeholders. Our three-pronged analysis of structure, behavior, and affiliation delivers a profound understanding of the DeFi landscape, shaping transactions and future DeFi innovation. For our services and benefits, visit https://EigenPhi.io/ and https://EigenPhi.com.