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Liquid staking protocol stake.link introduces AI-powered chatbot amid new upgrades

source-logo  cryptoslate.com 21 September 2023 15:08, UTC

Liquid staking protocol stake.link plans to launch new features and an AI-powered chatbot called SergAI. These advancements aim to consolidate its role as a leading staking solution on Chainlink (LINK), according to a Sept. 21 statement shared with CryptoSlate.

The upgrades

One newly introduced upgrade is the priority pool feature built to automate LINK staking on depositors’ behalf, alongside a “set-and-forget” staking option. The feature would also allow users to efficiently stake their LINK tokens ahead of the blockchain network’s planned capacity upgrade from 25 million to 45 million tokens during the year’s fourth quarter.

Stake.link also wants to migrate its staked SDL (stSDL) tokens to an NFT representation known as reward escrow SDL (reSDL). According to stake.link, this transition to NFT-based rewards would help promote long-term participation and increase governance votes.

A founding member of the staking protocol, Jonny Huxtable, said the new features create a dynamism “that benefits both the economic security of the Chainlink Network and the long-term stakers of the native stake.link token: SDL.” He added:

“This new major iteration of the stake.link platform brings revamped tokenomics and, for the first time, a set-and-forget LINK staking option. Never before has it been so easy for users to participate in Chainlink Staking.”

The protocol highlighted the importance of its upgrades, noting that LINK from its priority pool will be staked against the community pool immediately after the third phase of Chainlink Staking v0.2 kicks in. Additionally, priority will be given to LINK holders with reSDL tokens over those without, potentially limiting the available tokens for deposit.

AI-powered chatbot

Stake.link further announced plans to release an AI-powered chatbot called “SergAI” that will assist in answering all Chainlink and Stakelink-related queries.

The protocol did not provide a definite timeline for releasing the chatbot.

Meanwhile, stake.link is not the first crypto project that plans to release an AI-assisted tool. Earlier in the year, blockchain network Aptos (APT) introduced Aptos Assistant, a Web3 onboarding tool, through a partnership with technology giant Microsoft.