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ThunderCore Partners with Steer Protocol to Revolutionize DeFi with Advanced Liquidity Management

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 05 July 2023 12:44, UTC

ThunderCore, a famous blockchain platform, and Steer Protocol, an innovative decentralized computing protocol joined forces together. The growing DeFi community enters a new era of potential with this partnership. ThunderCore’s adoption of Steer Protocol’s cutting-edge Most Advanced Automated Multi-Position Liquidity Management (ALM) product is the foundation of this partnership. This groundbreaking solution offers active liquidity management, opening up new paths for traders and liquidity providers to increase trading and earning opportunities. By teaming up with Steer Protocol’s multi-position ALM product, ThunderCore intends to maximize liquidity within its ecosystem.

Steer Protocol and SushiSwap Join Forces to Boost LP Revenue and Liquidity

Through the strategic V3 Automated Market Maker (AMM) pool on SushiSwap, this collaboration intends to give liquidity providers (LPs) improved possibilities to enhance their revenue and larger fees. By integrating with SushiSwap, LPs now have the opportunity to add liquidity to the Steer Protocol Strategic V3 AMM pool, which is located on the SushiSwap platform.

This strategic pool offers attractive annual percentage rates (APR) and boosting prizes, enabling LPs to maximize their returns. With the introduction of the Steer Protocol Software Development Kit (SDK), users and protocols have now access to a full range of tools and resources that make the development process simpler.

SDK empowers users and protocols to design customized strategic pools that meet their own needs. They can create pools that suit their particular requirements. In this ground-breaking strategic move, creators of strategic pools also have the opportunity to earn 5% performance fees.

Steer Protocol’s SDK Empowers Customization and Boosts DeFi Confidence

Additionally, the SDK enables the reuse and remising of existing pools, offering more customization options through Steer Protocol’s no-code solution. This exceptional capability gives liquidity providers LPs a wide variety of strategic pool options. Furthermore, this collaboration represents a significant development in enabling people successfully and confidently go through the DeFi landscape.