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Crypto Communities Vote Matters, Paving the Way for DeFi

source-logo  beincrypto.com 02 June 2023 16:46, UTC

The community’s voice within crypto ecosystems has never been more relevant and is leading a fresh approach to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The power of voting within the crypto communities is reshaping the sector and influencing the operations of leading DeFi platforms such as Uniswap, MakerDAO, and Synthetix.

By democratizing decision-making processes, these platforms allow users to determine the path forward, reflecting the core ethos of blockchain and DeFi: decentralization.

Crypto Community Decisions in Uniswap’s Development

Uniswap, a top decentralized crypto exchange, witnessed an intriguing development when its community voted against a proposal to charge liquidity providers (LPs) fees.

“We propose implementing a protocol fee equal to ⅕ of the pool fee across all Uniswap v3 pools and turning on the fee switch for Uniswap v2. The scope of this proposal is to implement a fee for Uniswap pools, implement a system to claim earned fees, and trustlessly sell the fees earned for an asset designated by the UNI community,” reads the proposal.

The snapshot poll concluded with over 45% of participants voting against the fee. On the other hand, the remaining votes were divided amongst varying fee suggestions.

The vote highlighted how user sentiment is becoming the main driving force behind changes on DeFi platforms. Despite LPs being large market makers and vital to the protocol’s functioning, the community’s vote reaffirmed their exemption from fees.

This emphasizes the significance of crypto community opinion in shaping Uniswap’s future. And the outcome will likely shape the forthcoming formal poll.

MakerDAO’s Community-Driven Asset Diversification

At the same time, the MakerDAO community’s decision-making power is facilitating diversification into traditional financial assets.

Recently, the community highlighted adding a new real-world asset vault, BlockTower Andromeda. This vault will invest up to $1.28 billion in short-dated US Treasury bonds, representing a significant diversification from crypto-centric investments.

This decision reinforces MakerDAO’s broader ambitions to diversify the reserve assets underpinning its $5 billion stablecoin DAI.

Furthermore, the crypto community’s decision reflects a growing appetite for blending traditional financial instruments with crypto-native entities to achieve stable yields.

Synthetix Community’s Influence Over Platform Upgrades

Synthetix‘s community participation is impacting more than just investment strategies. It recently voted to transfer the remaining customer funds from the outgoing version one (v1) of its perpetuals market to version two (v2).

“The primary motivation is to enforce sunsetting of outstanding positions in PerpsV1 in the least intrusive manner, leaving enough time for accounts with existing positions to close their positions,” reads the proposal.

This decision shows that even platform upgrades, traditionally dictated by developers, are subject to community sentiment.

While the move will benefit users by increasing capital efficiency and risk management, the crypto community-driven decision was designed to shut down the v1 perpetuals market with minimal disruption or interference.

The Power of Decentralized Crypto Community Voting

The essence of DeFi rests on the principles of autonomy, transparency, and decentralization. And nowhere are these values more apparent than in decentralized voting. By actively empowering users to contribute to decision-making processes, DeFi platforms harness the collective wisdom of their communities.

Therefore, they nurture a decentralized governance model that defies traditional hierarchical systems.

DeFi Users Worldwide. Source: Statista

Decentralized voting transforms users from passive observers to active contributors. It enhances their commitment and engagement towards the platform. This transformative process ensures the platform’s development aligns with its user base’s best interests, promoting long-term growth and stability.

Empowering crypto communities is proving to be more than just a symbolic gesture. As the recent decisions at Uniswap, MakerDAO, and Synthetix show, user votes can guide platform development, investment strategies, and even platform upgrades.

Crypto communities are becoming the lifeblood of DeFi platforms. As more DeFi ecosystems recognize the value of decentralized decision-making, the trend of community-driven change will likely continue to shape the DeFi sector’s future.