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CoinDCX Releases Decentralized Wallet Okto

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 23 May 2023 12:01, UTC

CoinDCX, a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the global release of its decentralized finance (DeFi) wallet software, Okto. Self-custodial DeFi wallets are now protected by an artificial intelligence-based multi-factor authentication.

The wallet is made so that users may trade hundreds of tokens with one another and profit from verified DeFi possibilities. CoinDCX’s senior vice president of decentralized financial initiatives, Gaurav Arora, recently told Businessline that the exchange plans to have integrated 100 different protocols over the next four to six weeks. The mobile app’s user interface will be consistent regardless of the underlying protocol.

Experience the power of #DeFi with @Okto_app – one crypto wallet for all your DeFi needs. 🚀

You can now access Okto from 65 countries across the globe. Check it out and tell us what you think! 😊 #DeFiWithOkto https://t.co/G5wBe8R1mm

— CoinDCX: Making Crypto Accessible to Indians (@CoinDCX) May 23, 2023

More features of the development

The Web3 software renders the storage of seed words superfluous, allowing for complete financial autonomy. Using consensus-driven multi-party computing (MPC) technology also eliminates the possibility of a single point of failure. The firm claims that MPC ensures the security of its customers’ money by preventing the disclosure of private keys required to access and manage such monies at any moment.

Okto has optimized for almost 100 percent transaction success by planning for and responding to potential failure situations. The wallet uses cross-chain techniques to simplify the complications of DeFi. It simplifies the process of paying for gas using any cryptocurrency, speeding up and simplifying transactions. A chain-wide gas optimization service is built in, making this possible.

According to Arora, “users can trade across different chains, pay gas fees in any token, and enjoy convenient and efficient transactions” because of the availability of a broad variety of tokens on many networks. Okto is a useful tool for exploring the world of decentralized finance since its user interface makes it simple for even inexperienced users to explore multiple possibilities across pools on a single app.

The wallet is compatible with a wide variety of protocols and has been integrated with a number of different Web3 chains. Okto’s earn feature is particularly useful since it enables users to make passive revenue from their tokens by adding them can liquidity pools and staking. The swap function facilitates trading between various tokens with a focus on the user experience. Annual percentage yields (APYs) on certain assets are increased by Okto, giving customers more ways to profit.