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Lido to Join Jato V3 Testnest Amid SSV Network Pilot

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 29 March 2023 14:42, UTC

As the Shanghai upgrade which will allow for the withdrawal of staked ETH is fastly approaching, staking projects such as Lido Finance have been thriving to keep up with the pace so as to not be left behind when the upgrade launches.

According to Lido’s Chinese ambassador on Twitter with the pseudonymous ‘satBalwyn,’ Lido is set to join hands with the Jato version 3 Testnest during the SSV Network version 2 pilot program. This update was disclosed under the Lido Finance Node Operator Community Call #5.

Notable Updates From The Node Operator Community Call

Notably, this node operator community call resulted in four distinct updates relating to Goerli and testnet. Per satBalwyn series of tweets, Lido V2 was just recently shipped to Goerli last Friday. So far, the team is done with testing the main functions like deposits, rebates, and withdrawals as well as UI workflows.

This testing was possible through the help of Chainsafe and blockchain infrastructure service provider Cryptomanufaktur. satBalwyn stated all the other functions will be onboarded for testing in the coming week.

Another update found under the node operator call #5 was the V2 goerli withdrawals walkthrough. This enabled users to unstake via stETH and wstETH by requesting the withdrawals first and receiving ETH claim back “after a period (i.e. 1 – 5 days in Turbo mode).”

Lido district voting testnet (DVT) testnet #2 was also found under the call. According to the Lido ambassador, future DVT testing would focus on DKG ceremony stress test, exploring cluster creation approaches, letting “all NOs onboard on both networks, attract more and more non-Lido NOs.”

satBalwyn also mentioned the Censorability monitor showcase noting that the initiative was launched by Lido Grants to explore Ethereum censorships.