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Mark Cuban Advocates for DeFi’s Role in Shaping the Future of Banking


bitcoinexchangeguide.com 24 September 2021 18:01, UTC
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Mark Cuban, the billionaire and cryptocurrency enthusiast has continued his campaign to supports cryptocurrencies in whatever way he can. As the Dallas Mavericks owner is wont to do, he once again propper up decentralized finance (DeFi) as a viable alternative to the traditional global banking system,

Convenience Wins Every Time

Earlier this week, Cuban went on one of his usual social media monologues, where he touted the simplicity of DeFi over the complex and bureaucratic processes employed by the biggest banks. As Cuban explained, DeFi brings ease to financial processes like lending and borrowing. While the loan application process with a traditional bank might be tedious, anyone can get on a DeFi protocol and get a loan in minutes. Another benefit that Cuban pointed out with DeFi is that anyone can play the role of an institution. People with enough capital can provide loans from the comfort of their homes and ear interest - whether through direct payouts or staking. The billionaire added that he didn’t think DeFi would eventually end banks - because banks, as he said, aren’t stupid. However, he shared his belief that DeFi would disrupt the banking space. Evolution could see banks step into DeFi or integrate it somehow. But, DeFi will have a major role to play in how banks operate in the future.

A Call for Regulation

Cuban has been known to balance his optimism about the growth of crypto and DeFi with his belief that regulation is important. Back in June, the billionaire caused quite a stir as he called for stablecoin and DeFi regulation. At the time, Cuban had been a victim of the Iron Finance fold-up. The DeFi protocol fell victim to a “historical bank run,” which caused its stablecoin’s price to move off the peg. As a result, Iron Finance’s TITAN token lost almost 100 percent of its value, and the protocol itself was forced to shut down. Speaking to Bloomberg following the incident, Cuban explained that stablecoins would need better regulation going forward. The billionaire blamed himself for not doing enough research on Iron Finance but added that regulation would be the best way for projects to thrive and affect change. Despite criticism from many in the industry, Cuban has remained committed to his belief that regulation will be the best way to move the crypto and DeFi spaces forward. Adding to his regulatory call, Cuban recently asked that the government and financial regulatory agencies adopt a proof-of-authority basis for crypto oversight. In a tweet, Cuban explained that he’d be open to crypto regulation as long as it can be created based on existing fraud laws. The billionaire added that the ideal crypto laws would need identity and proof of authority. This way, regulations can achieve their goal of encouraging innovation and protecting investors. While this would reduce the privacy and anonymity of cryptocurrencies, Cuban believes that it is a healthy trade-off for the regulatory clarity and stability that the crypto market would be getting.

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