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Cardano DeFi platform Occam.fi teams with COTI for ADA-based payments

source-logo  cryptoninjas.net 14 September 2021 07:29, UTC

COTI, a DAG-based blockhain protocol & infrastructure, today announced a partnership with Occam.fi, a decentralized launchpad for the Cardano ecosystem to explore development synergies — including the possibility of enabling users to participate in initial offerings in ADA via the OccamRazer launchpad.

The strategic partnership, still in its early exploration phase, will look for opportunities to merge the launchpad capabilities of OccamRazer with the Cardano (ADA) payments solution developed by COTI. Back in April 2021, COTI launched ADA Pay, making seamless payments available in Cardano token ADA.

“One of OccamRazer’s most significant challenges to date has been delivering ADA payments for initial decentralized offerings on their Cardano launchpad, which would allow them to solve the Ethereum gas problem and vastly increase value for their users. As one of the first ADA payment gateways, we’re excited to explore the possibility of delivering this functionality to the Occam.fi team.”
– Shahaf Bar-Geffen, CEO at COTI

Occam.fi is a DeFi platform tailored for Cardano. Designed to deliver launchpad capabilities, DEX tools, and liquidity pools, Occam.fi is focused on developing solutions for Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem.

“COTI are true experts in making ADA payments available for services, empowering ADA holders and Cardano enthusiasts to use their holdings in the real world. It’s an exciting opportunity to work alongside COTI as we explore potential synergies and co-development milestones both before and after the release of smart contracts on Cardano.”
– Elliot Hill, Head of Communications at Occam.fi