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Starter play-to-earn DeFi game Starchi receives grant from Polygon for integration

source-logo  invezz.com 13 September 2021 15:16, UTC

Leading launchpad, investor network, and incubator Starter’s DeFi game Starchi received a grant from the Polygon (MATIC/USD) Foundation to support further integration of Polygon’s full-stack, fully functional, Ethereum (ETH/USD) scaling solution into its gaming platform. Starchi was inspired by the original Tamagotchi. Polygon will provide Starchi with quick transactions, full-stack scaling tools, and low fees via secure, fully audited, on chain smart contracts, Invezz learned from a press release. Polygon will support Starter’s first DeFi game in integrating all future developments made on its network. 

Experience the magic of Starchi

Players adopt digital pets, which must be fed, raised, supported, and entertained in a virtual environment. Starchis are modeled as a species of sun thriving, never-seen-before creatures in crisis. They are looking for a new energy source to survive in the world. Collectors must acquire and nurture the pets from the time they are born until they are adults. Players have to stop the Starchi from becoming extinct by means of friendly battles that allow them to earn wages, become top collectors in the virtual environment, and socialize their digital pets.

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Lionel Iruk, special counsel at Starter, commented:

“The purpose of the game is to remind collectors of the human values we are accustomed to in the real world. The grant from Polygon only further fulfills our conviction that Starchi will serve as an incredible vessel to bring light not only in the DeFi world but also into our post-pandemic world. With Polygon’s financial backing and the full-stack of scaling tools to support Starchi we are committed to making Starchi an experience for all to enjoy.”

Responsible collectors will receive rewards and opportunities to adopt or buy new and abandoned Starchi pets from the local marketplace. They can gain additional rewards and tokens and claim the leaderboard by means of Starchi performance metrics.

Starchi operates with Starchi Liquid Luck token ($ELIXIR) and Starter’s START token ($START), making it a dual token economy. Collectors can compound their winnings through the combination of the incorporated fee redistribution rules and the play-to-earn model.