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Sequence and Polygon Labs Partner to Revolutionize Web3 Infrastructure

source-logo  thenewscrypto.com 17 May 2023 22:39, UTC
  • Sequence’s integration with Polygon offers developers a comprehensive suite of tools for building decentralized applications.
  • The partnership aims to unlock improved scalability, security, and customization for web3 applications.
  • Horizon will incentivize projects to build on Polygon Supernets by offering credits and fostering ecosystem growth and adoption.

In a recent development, Horizon, the creators of Sequence, have announced a strategic alliance with Polygon Labs. It is a growth and development team focused on advancing the Web3 ecosystem. This partnership aims to revolutionize the infrastructure of Web3 by offering developers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources.

Polygon Labs’ tweet highlighted the integration of Sequence’s wallet and developer stack with Polygon. Specifically on Polygon Supernets, Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon PoS. This integration will enable enterprises and application developers to customize and extend blockspace, unlocking improved scalability and security for Web3 applications.

Sequence’s all-in-one stack encompasses various essential components such as the Sequence Wallet, Token and NFT APIs, Indexer, Relayer, Node Gateway, Marketplaces, and SDKs. These tools empower developers and brands to effortlessly build decentralized applications on Polygon’s highly performant and customizable features.

Incentivizing Development on Polygon Supernets

Horizon, the creator of Sequence, plans to incentivize projects to build on Polygon Supernets by offering credits. This move encourages developers to leverage the platform’s efficient and customizable features while benefiting from Sequence’s seamless development tools.

Both Sequence and Polygon Labs share a common commitment to advancing the Web3 ecosystem. By integrating Sequence with Polygon Supernets, Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon PoS, they aim to provide developers with the necessary tools to build secure, scalable, seamless, accessible, and user-friendly decentralized applications.

The strategic alliance between Polygon Labs and Horizon’s Sequence represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 infrastructure. The integration of Sequence’s powerful developer stack on Polygon enables developers to unlock the full potential of decentralized applications. By combining their expertise and resources, Polygon Labs and Horizon’s Sequence are paving the way for improved scalability, enhanced security, and seamless customization.