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Attorney John Deaton Indirectly Highlights Ripple’s (XRP) Superiority Over Bitcoin (BTC) in Payments

thecryptobasic.com 05 August 2022 09:39, UTC
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The Amici Curiae attorney reiterates Ripple’s payment capabilities. 

Attorney John Deaton has once again buttressed Ripple’s (XRP) prowess in payments using a recent event that occurred at his company, the Deaton Law Firm. 

Deaton said his law firm recently hired two lawyers who would work for him as independent contractors in crypto. After the necessary negotiations, he chose to pay them for their services using digital currencies.  

According to Deaton, one of the lawyers has an account on Coinbase, and he had to pay him in Bitcoin (BTC). The other lawyer had an Uphold account and he was paid in Ripple (XRP) for his service. 

While one of the lawyers has already received the funds in his account, the other lawyer is still waiting for confirmation, Deaton added. 

The Deaton Law Firm Just paid two lawyers working for me as independent contractors in Crypto. One had a @coinbase account so I paid him #Bitcoin

The other lawyer had an @UpholdInc account so I paid him in #XRP.

One of them is still waiting for confirmation.

— John E Deaton (210K Followers Beware Imposters) (@JohnEDeaton1) August 3, 2022

Deaton Indirectly Shades BTC

Although Deaton did not state which lawyer is still waiting for confirmation, it is clear that the lawyer who requested to be paid in XRP got the funds on time. 

Ripple is one of the fastest payment methods in the world, as transactions are settled on the XRP Ledger in 3-5 seconds. 

The same cannot be said about Bitcoin, which usually takes long before transactions are settled. Sometimes it can take over an hour for transactions to be settled on the Bitcoin network. 

Interestingly, Deaton has cleverly used the tweet to showcase XRP’s superiority over Bitcoin in payment. 

Deaton’s tweet comes a few days after he blasted cryptocurrency media outlet Cointelegraph for excluding XRP in its recent poll to determine the best cross-border payment option. 

In the poll, Cointelegraph listed BTC and stablecoins as the best cross-border payment options. Deaton said the Cointelegraph poll is biased against Ripple. 

This poll shows a complete bias against #XRP. How could you credibly offer this poll, list #BTC & stablecoins, but not #XRP? Since 2015 @Ripple has pushed the adoption of #XRP for cross-border payments. It was utilized with @MoneyGram and is actively being used by dozens of companies,” he said. 

His Unwavering Support for XRP

Deaton is known to be a strong advocate for Ripple. He has never ceased to throw his weight behind the cryptocurrency whenever the opportunity arises. 

Attorney Deaton is the counsel for Amici Curiae in the ongoing lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple. 

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