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Cardano Updates | Ridotto Partners Spores Network | July Week 2


www.altcoinbuzz.io 14 July 2022 14:27, UTC
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The Cardano ecosystem always have weekly updates. Thus, Altcoin Buzz covers the updates from the second week in July to keep readers informed.

In this week’s article of Cardano Updates, we cover Ridotto’s partnership with Spores Network. We also look at the top gainers in the Cardano ecosystem.

1 – Ridotto Partners with Spores Network

Ridotto is a Cardano-supported decentralized, multi-chain gambling and lottery protocol. It has partnered with Spores Network. A benefit of this partnership is that it will increase the adoption of decentralized gambling in the Spores Network community.

Besides, the partnership centers on Ridotto’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP). As well as, its inclusion of a Spores specified slot machine and lottery. Moreover, it involves permissionless casino ownership and open-sources bankrolling of table games, sports betting, slot machines, bingo, and lotteries among others.

GameFi. Metaverse. Launchpad. Publisher.
– Now with its own dedicated slot and lottery!

Welcome to the ecosystem Spores!https://t.co/v31rBpyjVZ#crypto #blockchain #gaming #p2e #casino #onlinecasino

— Ridotto (@ridotto_io) July 13, 2022

2 – ADA Pay Plugin is Now Available on Odoo

Recently, COTI revealed that Rodolfo Miranda, a winner of the Catalyst Fund 7 has connected the ADA Pay plugin on Odoo for middle-size companies. ODOO (On Demand Open Object) is an open-source system for business applications.

Moreover, any merchant that owns e-commerce and wants to receive payments in $ADA,  they can simply add the plug-in.

We are happy to announce that an ADA Pay Plugin is now live on @Odoo!

Thanks to @elpincha, merchants who own ecommerce shops and wish to receive $ADA as a payment method, can now easily add the plug-in.

Read all about it here: https://t.co/7rxP5zUj88$COTI pic.twitter.com/hLLnKYNGfI

— COTI (@COTInetwork) July 11, 2022

3 – Cardano Ecosystem Top Gainers

CoinGecko report also covers the top gainers on Cardano over a seven-day timeframe. This report specifically focuses on the price performance of projects:

  • CardWallet ($CW), an ADA-focused non-custodial wallet, has the most gain. The token also recorded a 75.9% increase within the seven-day timeframe.
  • Ardana ($DANA), an all-in-one decentralized stablecoin ecosystem has the second-most gain within the seven-day timeframe. It had a 16.1% increase.
  • Ridotto ($RDT), cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol, is third on the list. It has a 6.5% rate of increase.
  • GeroWallet ($GERO), a DeFi app for users to easily transact cryptocurrencies is fourth. It has a 4.4% rate of increase.

Price Performance of Cardano Ecosystem Last 7 Days $CW @CardWallet_fi $DANA @ardanaproject $RDT @ridotto_io $GERO @GeroWallet $OCC @OccamFi $CARDS @CardStarter $AGIX @singularity_net $ADAX @adax_pro #ADA #CARDANO pic.twitter.com/wAbFPNXWfl

— Cardano Daily (@cardano_daily) July 11, 2022

$ADA Price Outlook

Finally, at the time of writing this article, the price of ADA was $0.4193 with a 24-hour trading volume of $705.9 million. Besides, ADA’s price grew 1.3% over the last 24 hours. It also has a circulating and total supply of 33.8 billion and 45 billion tokens.

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