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NewEconoLab’s NeoRay Will Make NEO Smart Contract Development Easier

source-logo  blokt.com  + 1 more 18 December 2018 21:00, UTC

NewEconoLab, the largest Neo community in China today released the online version of their neon_debug_gui debugging tool.

The new tool called NeoRay integrates the deployment, compilation, debugging, and invocation of smart contracts.

Why Is the New Tool Needed?


According to NewEconoLab, they created a similar tool before but found that the novice may find it too complicated to work with “as they need to learn additional things such as configuration, use process, and understanding the implementation of contract debugging.”

They suggest that NeoRay is a one-stop debugging tool that helps developers in quickly getting into the debug process right from the contract code.

The tool doesn’t require any configurations. Developers simply need to open the web page of the tool and use it.

The entire tool is available online which means that sharing and collaborating on issues becomes much easier.

The tool consists of a wallet, a transaction result parser and a simple code compiler connected to Neo’s test net.

Each of the three parts of the tool, contract compilation deployment, contract calling, and contract debugging are located on the same page.

How to Use the Tool?

Developers need to have a Neo wallet before they can start using the tool.

They need at least 500 GAS in their account, which is the typical cost of deploying a contract in the network. The test net GAS is also available in the debugging tool.

Each wallet gets a maximum of 500 GAS per day. Developers who need more GAS need to leave a message on the developer forum.

The full step by step details on how to use the tool can be found in the NewEconLab medium post.



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