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MetaNept introduces its Nept Metaverse token

source-logo  invezz.com 19 May 2022 12:17, UTC

MetaNept, a technologically advanced metaverse for commerce and culture, has launched its native NEPT Token, which will serve as a means of access and the currency for its Nept Metaverse, Invezz learned from a press release.

The Nept Metaverse is an interactive 3D universe, in which you can monetize your experience of exploring hyper-realistic virtual worlds and communities.

Exceeding fans’ expectations

MetaNept’s unique design and infrastructure allows entertainers, artists, and their respective teams to deliver virtual experiences that exceed fans’ expectations, positioning MetaNept as the go-to platform for virtual, multi-sensory entertainment.

Visually complex landscapes and cities

MetaNept and Realiz3d will collaborate on visually complex landscapes and cities. The ethereal, unique avatars feature a detailed artistry that elevates the very notion of a metaverse, making MetaNept a far cry from the standard, cartoonish metaverses.

Metaverse users can mint NFTs, take part in Nept DAO

You can buy NFT avatars with the token, which begin as holograms within the Nept Metaverse. The base hologram obtains additional features as the metaverse expands.

Nept Metaverse participants can also mint additional NFT assets specific to their avatar and environments. All NEPT token and NFT holders can take part in the Nept DAO and become active in the governance of the Nept Metaverse.

Versatile uses of the NEPT Token

You can use the NEPT Token to buy and sell assets within the metaverse marketplace and rent or buy land. Nept landholders can host concerts and monetize their assets through creating wearables, contests and giveaways, and staking within the Nept Metaverse.

By launching the NEPT Token, MetaNept creates an opportunity for holders to start growing their assets without wasting any time. MetaNept Founder and Director Jonathan Cohen said:

I’ve been living in the crypto sphere for the last eight years and have followed all the hyped metaverse and NFT projects very closely. I ran into endless projects offering only an NFT collection and a roadmap, and few that provided a long-term vision. I saw what was missing in the metaverse space: 3D assets available on launch, along with elegance and actionable deliverables, which MetaNept brings to the table.