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The Battle For Supremacy Hits Twitter: Vitalik Buterin Vs. Justin Sun – TRX vs. ETH

source-logo  zycrypto.com  + 1 more 03 December 2018 15:50, UTC

The rivalry between ETH founder Vitalik Buterin and TRON founder, Justin Sun was recently renewed on Twitter with both blockchain developers talking down on each other’s protocol.

Perhaps uninterestingly, the latest outburst has come at a time when the TRON project has been performing so well and Ethereum well on the back foot. So it makes the rivalry a little less than a hash war, but one that could go on spur improvement by the men.

Vitalik Buterin Vs. Justin Sun In A Twitter Rumble

The latest outburst began with Justin Sun tweeting a link to an article where the ETH founder remarked that the “the next wave in crypto will not be based on a hype.”

Sun suggested that the above statement only meant that ETH led the altcoin race last year because of hype and declared that TRX will lead the next bull run built on massive adoption DApps and BitTorrent.

Whether the tweet was meant to irk Vitalik was a question that got an answer in only a short time.

Buterin questioned Justin Sun and TRX’s legitimacy by tweeting, “anyone who puts a dollar sign followed by a ticker symbol in their tweet is basically a self-identified shill and not worth listening to.”

What came next was a slight shocker. Justin Sun bragged about the recent TRX milestone where the scaling protocol used on TRON hit nearly 2 million transactions per day. Sun also looked to put one over Vitalik and ETH by saying that their network would never be that scalable.

He tweeted,

“We can talk about the dollar sign after the day ETH reaches 2 million Txs per day, which I think will never happen.”

Vitalik did not give a reply.

The Scalability Issue – TRON Trumping ETH

While the TRON blockchain has been pulling off some stunts (1,841,055 transactions per day), the Ethereum blockchain has continued to lag. Etherscan data at press time shows that more than 94000 transactions are pending during key times on the Ethereum Blockchain.

So it is obvious that Vitalik and his developers have more work to do rather than engage in Twitter fights. In all, we do hope that the outburst leads to improvements on the various blockchains and serve the greater good of the ecosystem.


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