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95 Million Shiba Inu Burnt Within 24 Hours, While This Top Burner Quits SHIB

source-logo  u.today 02 April 2022 21:45, UTC

SHIB army continues to moved large lumps of Shiba Inu to dead wallets, this time burning almost 100 million meme crypto tokens.

In the meantime, major SHIB burn business that has inspired many other token burn initiatives has announced that they have sold their Shiba Inu and are quitting their SHIB campaign.

95 million SHIB destroyed by community

@shibburn Twitter user, which shares data on SHIB burns from its website on a regular basis, has tweeted that since last morning, a total of 95 million meme tokens has been wired to “inferno” addresses and been locked up there permanently.

In the past 24 hours, there have been a total of 88,858,653 $SHIB tokens burned and 16 transactions. Visit https://t.co/t0eRMnyZel to view the overall total of #SHIB tokens burned, circulating supply, and more. #shibarmy

— Shibburn (@shibburn) April 2, 2022

Big SHIB burner shuts down

Bigger Entertainment chief executive Steven Cooper has taken to Twitter to announce that he and his Big Entertainment team that have burned over one billion SHIB tokens since late October have called it quits and are shutting down their SHIB burn campaign.

As a reason for this radical step Cooper has referred to “the recent developments”. Earlier this year, he tweeted that his initiative to burn SHIB by selling $5 tickets to live burn parties on YouTube had faced negative reaction from the SHIB army and they started receiving accusations of being a scam.

Cooper revealed in the tweet that they will conduct the pending SHIB burns tonight. Cooper stressed that this is not an April Fool’s joke, although some in the comment thread believe that this is exactly an April 1 joke, since nothing related to SHIB and token burns has been removed from the company’s website.

We won’t be responding to any hateful comments. We do wish all the holders success. Thank you so much to all of you who understand that we gave our all for this project and have to do what we feel is best for our company, employees, artists, etc.

— Steven Cooper (@iamstevencooper) April 1, 2022