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Talisman Wallet brings more users to DOT and KSM

source-logo  invezz.com 28 March 2022 06:12, UTC

A rising number of new apps are being developed to leverage Polkadot’s (DOT/USD) unique multi-chain architecture and attract as many new web3 users as possible. Parachains launched on Polkadot and Kusama (KSM/USD) recently.

These are a series of targeted blockchains designed to leverage the shared security of the two relay chains and to be interoperable, a press release on PR News Wire noted.

$2B raised to secure slots

Over $2 billion in DOT has been raised to secure parachain slots in the past few months. Polkadot is seeing a huge rise in developer activity compared to the majority of other blockchains.

The first intuitive wallet

Demand for portfolio managers and wallets and other intuitive tools is increasing as DeFi and NFTs become more and more popular in DotSama. However, the tools currently available fail to meet needs adequately. On that note, Talisman is proud to be the first fully intuitive wallet for the two blockchains, attracting more users to these networks.

DOT wallet for the masses

Talisman’s new wallet extension aims to be a Polkadot wallet for the masses. Available on both Chrome and Firefox, it bills itself as an approachable alternative to Polkadot.js and other developer-focused tools. The wallet has eliminated many of the complex features commonly seen in its counterparts on DOT.

It focuses on providing the best possible transaction experience and has been optimised for security and ease of use.

Accelerating dApp growth

Talisman believes they will be able to attract more users to Polkadot and Kusama and help accelerate dApp growth with innovative use cases by developing easy-to-use products, which make Polkadot’s composable parachain network less complex.

The wallet extension makes onboarding into Polkadot easy. It also makes it possible to store assets and connect to apps safely. This is in addition to an improved transaction experience, which gives users more confidence.

About Talisman

Talisman is a wallet built for Polkadot, Kusama, and the parachains. It is led by the community and enables users to leverage novel use cases, control their crypto assets, and determine the project’s future through a unique social layer.