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SingularityNET Owner Ben Goertzel Defends Cardano Founder Amid Criticism Surrounding His Ph.D. Enrollment


thecryptobasic.com 08 March 2022 17:50, UTC
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SingularityNET Owner Ben Goertzel Defends Cardano Founder Amid Criticism Surrounding His Ph.D. Enrollment.

There has been a massive fuss about the educational history of Charles Hoskinson, the founder, and CEO of popular blockchain project Cardano, with several cryptocurrency enthusiasts weighing in on the matter. 

According to a tweet shared by a crypto trader who goes by the username @SNET_whale, famous artificial intelligence developer and owner of SingularityNET, Ben Goertzel is the latest expert to comment on Hoskinson’s education history. 

Yesterday someone brought up the fuss about @IOHK_Charles' education history on the SNET telegram channel, and this is what Dr. @bengoertzel had to say: #Cardano $Agix pic.twitter.com/kKYWfYXSu8

— Marco Lelouche (@SNET_whale) March 8, 2022

Goertzel noted that the issue of whether Hoskinson lied about enrolling in a Ph.D. program is an irrelevant topic to be discussed. 

The SingularityNET founder stated that while he did not know Hoskinson personally during his time as a student, he understands that the Cardano founder attended graduate-level classes on Number Theory, with Hoskinson hoping to enroll in a Ph.D. program in that field. 

However, Hoskinson digressed into the cryptocurrency industry, which Goertzel said is similar to Number Theory, a branch of Mathematics. 

“What precisely was Charles’ enrollment status at the university when he was attending this or that particular class doesn’t seem super interesting, and I have no knowledge of that,” Goertzel added. 

Goertzel said, based on his conversations with Hoskinson in the past, he is confident that the Cardano founder is more knowledgeable than most Ph.D. holders, which he thinks should not come as a surprise to anyone. 

“I have not read [Laura Shin’s] book of Ethereum’s history that seems to have prompted this silly discussion, though,” Goertzel concluded. 

SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence solutions. The platform allows AIs to cooperate and coordinate at scale, thus eliminating one of the major constraints limiting AI’s growth over the years.   

Meanwhile, SingularityNET has developed a next-generation robot called Grace that will launch on the Cardano blockchain.  

Recall that Hoskinson’s educational history pertaining to whether he enrolled for a Ph.D. program was a major topic of discussion yesterday. 

The cryptocurrency journalist, Shin, went ballistic on Hoskinson after the latter called her book about the founders of Ethereum a mere fiction. 

Responding to Hoskinson, Shin asked the Ethereum founder to address the discrepancies between his claims that he dropped out of a Ph.D. program to pursue a career in crypto and the schools’ assertions that he never enrolled in the program. 

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