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Shiba Inu Flips FTX To Become Top 1k ETH Wallets Biggest Holding By Dollar Value As Price Reaches Major Support


thecryptobasic.com 08 March 2022 08:14, UTC
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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Flips FTX Token (FTT) to Become the Biggest Token Position by Dollar Value among the Top 1000 Ethereum (ETH) Whale Wallets.

Ethereum whales love to Buy and Hold Shiba Inu tokens – especially when the popular crypto technically approaches its critical support level of $0.00002347.

Investors might dive into buying more Shiba Inu at this level and pushing the price higher, which would result in the break of its currently ongoing downtrend started in October. Shiba Inu has registered its all-time high price of $0.00008616 on October 28, 2021 (4 months ago).

shib main price support
image source: https://twitter.com/army_shiba

WhaleStats, a crypto tracking service recently revealed that SHIB token has flipped FTX Token (FTT) and becomes the biggest token position by dollar value among the top 1000 Ethereum (ETH) whales. The top 1000 ETH Whale wallets are now holding $1,648,987,135 ($1.64B) worth of Shiba Inu.

đź“° JUST IN: $SHIB @Shibtoken had flipped $FTX to be biggest token position by dollar value among the top 1000 #ETH whales#Shib #ShibArmy

— WhaleStats – BabyWhale ($BBW) (@WhaleStats) March 7, 2022

The flipping occurred when the SHIB approached its technical critical support level of $0.00002347. Looking deep into the WhaleStats data, we found that the biggest Ethereum whale which is popularly known as “Light” has accumulated whopping 35 trillion tokens of SHIB worth $984,239,360 ($984M) during the dip, which makes SHIB her 4th biggest token position by dollar value and Shib represent 10.8% of her total portfolio. The average accumulation price per SHIB token is around $0.0000279.

Besides this, Shiba Inu has also occupied the top trending spot on CoinMarketCap for the past 24 hours, indicating the importance of above mentioned critical support level.

Yesterday TheCryptoBasic reported that Shiba Inu was Trending across the world in the USA, Canada, And Asia. As far burning is concerned, 436.36 Million Shiba Inu Burned In Last 7 Days; Burn Rate Increased 286% Compared To Previous Week.

Readers should note that this is just our analysis looking into the current data provided by different reliable sources. This cannot be taken as financial advice, and readers should have to do their research before investing.

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