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Why We Are Building on Tezos, Consortium Comprising BMW, Audi and Others Reveal

newslogical.com 06 May 2020 15:50, UTC
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The reasons a consortium which comprises of BMW AG, AUDI, Porsche, and some other big automotive firms are building on Tezos Blockchain have been stated.

Mr. Carlo van Driesten, Systems Architect for virtual Test and Validation for BMW AG, during a conversation with Tezos Common disclosed the information. He said Tezos Blockchain was selected by ENVITED, an ecosystem comprising several industry-leading automotive firms like BMW, Audi, Porsche, Daimler, among other big partners.

The ENVITED ecosystem, spearheaded by Carlo of BMW, said it decided to make use of Tezos within its ecosystem, for many reasons.

Carlo said the first reason they selected the blockchain platform was because Tezos has a working change management process that makes the ratification of off-chain collaboration efforts easy.

Speaking further, he said the Tezos community is known for a lot of progress. They are largely motivated and known for doing the right thing in the blockchain industry, he added.

However, he said ENVITED was not moved by transactions per second (TPS) capability of Tezos as the feature was considered completely irrelevant.

The ENVITED working group is aimed at creating ideas for standard-based and machine-based proof of validation for highly autonomous driving (HAD). It is a distributed ecosystem comprising of different players and moving parts that are interconnected.

Using Tezos blockchain platform, this service allows for unquestionable proof of validation of a car having X automated firmware, and traceability to affirm that the needed processes and testing were adequately followed.

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