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Polygon (MATIC) Network Activity Spikes to Record-Breaking Numbers, Here's Why

u.today 14 January 2022 16:44, UTC
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Polygon (MATIC), one of the most resource-efficient and cost-effective EVM-compatible blockchains, witnesses an unparalelled spike in its activity. Which dApps are responsible for this upsurge?

Polygon (MATIC) network activity eyes 500,000 daily addresses

According to comprehensive statistics shared by Polygon researcher Raphael Signal (@RaphaelSignal on Twitter), the number of daily active addresses on Poygon (MATIC) is up 36% in the first week of 2022.

1/ @0xPolygon sets ATHs in active addresses and revenues!

DAU: 492k, +36%
Tx/day: 3.6mm, -3%
Rev/day: $531k, +217%
Cost/tx: $0.14, +228%
Net bridge inflows: $33mm, -1%

Today we look at Polygon PoS, highlighting the impact of Sunflower, upcoming improvements, +more. 👇👇👇 pic.twitter.com/ptDi6rfSDf

— Raphael (@RaphaelSignal) January 13, 2022

Also, in recent days, its aggregated revenue and average transactional cost indicators more than tripled. As such, a new record is registered when it comes to revenue.

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal noted that his product has set one record after another:

@0xPolygon sets ATHs in active addresses and revenue. Has become too boring, nothing new in it.

At the same time, some other indicators (net number of transactions per day and USD-denominated volume of liquidity income via bridges) remain flat.

Not only Sunflower Farmers

This impresseive spike of Polygon (MATIC) activity should be attributed to the euphoria around its GameFi protocols. As covered by U.Today previously, the increased popularity of Sunflower Farmers play-to-earn protocol catalyzed Polygon fees.

The game became the most popular dApp on all platforms. Besides that, 6 out of 10 top applications on Polygon (MATIC) are from the GameFi sphere.

Surprisingly, Sunflower Farmers is not the most popular game on Polygon (MATIC) in terms of active onboarded wallets; TOWER token's ecosystem managed to attract 20% more users.

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