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Notcoin, Sign, and 1inch Launch ‘Triangle’ to Support Developers

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 10 July 2024 16:40, UTC

Notcoin, along with Sign and 1inch, has introduced ‘Triangle’. Triangle is an innovative community and accelerator program aimed at supporting developers. This initiative aims to connect Web3 and Web2. This program will also provide opportunities within the Telegram and TON ecosystem.

Triangle Empowers Builders to Shape the Future of Telegram and TON

Triangle serves as more than just an accelerator. In addition to this, it is a collaborative space for builders to innovate and shape the future of Telegram and TON. Triangle offers essential resources, guidance, and a community of experienced builders. It also aims to help projects grow and succeed.

This year, Notcoin is the first large-scale tap-to-earn Web3 application where more than 35 million gamers tapped their screens to collect tokens. These tokens were later converted into $NOT tokens and became tradable on major exchanges making it the biggest token launch in crypto gaming in 2024. However, seeing that the business could not rely on the tap-to-earn model for further development, Notcoin decided to end the mining phase on April 1.

Many Telegram users are aware of crypto. However, TON has challenges connecting with the larger crypto ecosystem, particularly in terms of liquidity. Recent trends suggest that Telegram and TON are capable of reaching millions of people in the Web3 ecosystem. It was founded based on the success of Notcoin, providing more and richer experience to the users.

Triangle Aims to Onboard Millions to Web3, Says Kirill Malev

Kirill Malev, Jr. Partner at The Open Platform mentioned that Triangle plans to bring millions of users to Web3 in meaningful and effective manners. Another advantage of the application is the availability of crypto-related features. These features include payments in TON and seamless crypto transfers.

Notcoin started from Tonstarter – a leading TON native launchpad that funded important products for TON including the initial DEX, lending platform, and games. Having successfully launched more than 500 user acquisition campaigns, Notcoin has developed a routine to attract users and translate them into an active community to switch from using Telegram to Web3.

Xin is a Co-Founder and CEO at Sign. He stated that Triangle makes the mainstreaming of crypto assets worldwide happen at a faster rate. He also said that Sign’s vision is similar to Triangle in creating and fostering projects that would help to simplify crypto.

Triangle acceleration program calls those builders, who are interested in Telegram and TON, to join. It offers information and assistance from other contributors who are expert in the field. First brand contributors are Sign Protocol and 1inch, providing DeFi industry expertise and attestation protocol.

The core mentors of Triangle are prominent and distinguishable personalities from the Web3 domain. Some of these are Xin Yan of TON Foundation, Anton Bukov, Sasha Plotvinov, Kirill Malev, among many others in the same field.