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Shytoshi Kusama Visits India With Mysterious Companion, Community Puzzled

source-logo  u.today 10 July 2024 14:49, UTC

The mysterious leader of Shiba Inu, known to the community as Shytoshi Kusama, continues his “world tour” as he is meeting the SHIB army in various countries. Now, he has made a public appearance in India, in accordance with his earlier tweet.

However, this time, he arrived with a masked companion, mystifying the SHIB community on the X platform (formerly famous around the world as Twitter).

$SHIB @ShytoshiKusama Live in Mumbai, India

With Whom?

#ShibaInu #ShibaInuETF #SHIBARMYSTRONG 💪 pic.twitter.com/Lix3bLQEOt

— SHIB Bezos (@BezosCrypto) July 10, 2024

Shytoshi Kusama and his masked companion in India

Several SHIB fans on the X app have depicted Shytoshi Kusama dressed in white (except for his black hood and two masks). His companion is also wearing a black hood and a black mask.

But unlike Shytoshi, who is wearing Indian-style clothes, his enigmatic companion is dressed in white pants and a light brown jacket, with his hands in his pockets as he and Kusama walk around a public event in India, most likely related to new tech.

Who are these two masked people in real life? @ShytoshiKusama #ShibaInu pic.twitter.com/hKMGtqqYFo

— THOMAS (@thomasnegeri) July 9, 2024

SHIB army abuzz

When Shytoshi announced last week that he would be going to India, he did not specify exactly what tech event he would be taking part in.

The SHIB army is curious about Shytoshi’s mysterious companion. Those who posted the videos offered to let their followers guess who it was, and in the comments, SHIB fans started suggesting ideas, with some mentioning major SHIB developer Kaal Dhairya and SHIB marketing lead Lucie as possible candidates.

Prior to going to India, the SHIB lead developer Shytoshi visited the IVS 2024 conference and exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. That event was dedicated to Web3 start-ups.

SHIB burn rate jumps

According to data provided by the public Shibburn explorer, over the period of the last 24 hours, the Shiba Inu army has managed to dispose of nearly 30 million meme coins.

This caused the burn rate to soar by 355.31%, according to the same data source, as the SHIB community transferred a total of 28,256,594 SHIB to unspendable blockchain wallets, where these tokens were locked for good.

These burns were performed in 11 transactions. The largest ones carried 10,829,207; 6,127,450 and 4,195,761 Shiba Inu. There were also two transactions that moved more than two million SHIB each and two that carried over one million SHIB to dead wallets.