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HashKey Announces Upcoming Airdrop and Public Listing of HSK Token

source-logo  cryptopotato.com 24 June 2024 04:39, UTC

HashKey Group, a leading end-to-end digital asset financial services group in Asia, announced the upcoming public community airdrop and listing of its new native token, HSK, which is set to be unveiled in Q3 2024.

The statement notes that the new HashKey native token HSK will earn applications within the entire HashKey group ecosystem and its different businesses.

HSK Public Listing and Airdrop

In a press statement released on Tuesday, HashKey Group gave details concerning the newly unveiled token HSK, including its listing, airdrop, and other utilities. According to the announcement, the HSK token will initiate its airdrop in late June, aimed at enhancing user engagement and community involvement. HashKey Group emphasized:

“HSK is scheduled to launch a community Airdrop through HashKey’s core businesses in late June, encouraging users to contribute to community building.”

The report indicates that HSK is an ERC-20 token with a massive supply of a billion units. Hashkey mentioned that 65% of the tokens will be directly allocated to the growth of the network, 30% to the team and about 5% as reserve funds.

Moreover, HashKey implemented a burn mechanism where the team will purchase about 20% of profits in HSK made from different HashKey group businesses and burn them, leading to a lower supply.

HashKey’s statement indicates that the public listing of the HSK token will follow suit later in Q3 2024.

The statement notes that the firm will strictly adhere to the principle of HSK for ALL; hence, the token will gain applications and use cases within the entire HashKey ecosystem and enable a comprehensive Web3 economic network.

HSK Utility Details

The HSK token will also earn many use cases, including community rewards, token pre-sales, transaction fee discounts, cross-platform ecosystem collaborations, and business activities associated with the exchange. This platform is currently “Hong Kong’s largest licensed virtual asset exchange,” as per the statement.

Other businesses under the group umbrella include HashKey Capital, HashKey Exchange, HashKey NFT, HashKey Cloud, and HashKey Tokenization.

The company also noted that: “HSK will incentivize ecosystem contributors to the HashKey Chain, HashKey’s L2′ Ecosystem Chain’, providing robust support and driving force for users and assets on-chain.”

These recent developments are only expected to bolster the growth of HashKey Global even further. Recently, HashKey Global reported massive surges in trading volume, exceeding $348 million.