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Mina Coin Partners with Mirae Asset

source-logo  en.bitcoinhaber.net 23 June 2024 10:49, UTC

The Mina Foundation has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Mirae Asset Financial Group to develop a privacy-enhanced solution for tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs) on the blockchain using zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). Mirae Asset, a renowned South Korean asset management and investment banking firm, manages assets worth $548 billion as of 2023. This partnership aims to merge traditional finance with blockchain technology, enhancing the security and privacy of tokenized assets.

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1 How Will the Collaboration Shape STOs?
2 What Are the Market Implications for MINA Coin?
3 Key Takeaways

How Will the Collaboration Shape STOs?

The collaboration intends to create a regulatory-compliant security token offering (STO) solution that safeguards user privacy. With the STO market in Korea projected to hit $287 billion by 2030, and Japan already issuing security tokens, this initiative is timely. Mirae Asset will use its private ledger, Hyperledger BESU, to manage asset and transaction data, which will be securely processed on the public Mina blockchain. This will enable asset owners to prove ownership without compromising privacy.

What Are the Market Implications for MINA Coin?

Recently, MINA Coin has faced significant price drops, exacerbated by Bitcoin‘s decline and the halving of staking income. MINA Coin’s value against Bitcoin has plummeted by 77.4% since January 2024. In the USD pair, the coin lost support at $0.5686, with potential new lows between $0.50 and $0.41 if the bearish trend continues. However, the promising partnership and ongoing code audits may signal a potential price recovery, though market fluctuations are unpredictable.

Key Takeaways

– The partnership aims to enhance the privacy of tokenized assets using zero-knowledge proofs.
– Mirae Asset will use Hyperledger BESU to manage STO data securely.
– The STO market in Korea is expected to grow significantly, making this collaboration timely.
– The price of MINA Coin has been volatile, but the partnership offers hope for recovery.

Result: The partnership between Mina Foundation and Mirae Asset Financial Group represents a significant step in integrating traditional finance with blockchain technology, specifically through privacy-enhanced STOs. While MINA Coin’s market performance has been volatile, this collaboration may pave the way for future growth and stability.