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Document Reveals Ripple Plans to Sell Only 25B XRP for Operations and Profit

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 21 June 2024 12:59, UTC

The XRP Army recently unearthed a document revealing that Ripple intends to liquidate only a quarter of the XRP supply and distribute the balance for further development.

The report, authored by three Ripple employees from the markets and business development departments and Roman Leal from Goldman Sachs, reveals that Ripple intends to retain 25% of the total XRP supply.

Ripple Holding 25B XRP

Ripple highlighted that only 100 billion XRP tokens will ever be issued based on the network’s design, and it plans to retain 25% of the total issued assets to fund its operations and generate a profit.

This means Ripple schedules to keep a reserve of 25 billion XRP, presently valued at approximately $12.5 billion for company use.

Notably, Ripple’s sales of XRP have been in force for years and will continue for the next few years. Amid these sales, the company now holds about 4.87 billion XRP in spendable balance and 39.5 billion in escrow. This puts its XRP reserve at over 44.36 billion tokens.

Before the firm secured 55 billion XRP in escrow in 2017, it held 61.68 billion in spendable wallets. With around 44.36 billion XRP left, this implies that Ripple has liquidated over 17 billion XRP over the years.

75B XRP to Promote Development

Meanwhile, the document suggests that Ripple plans to distribute the remaining 75% of XRP’s supply to incentivize market makers, gateways, and consumers to use its Ripple protocol. Essentially, 75 billion XRP tokens are up for funding further XRP ecosystem development.

By doing so, the company aims to create a demand chain that should increase XRP’s value, given its finite supply. Currently, 55,618,185,850 XRP are in circulation.

It is worth noting that this document was published in November 2014, just a few years after the inception of the company. Pro-XRP X user SMQKE called attention to the paper in a recent post.

Ripple does not plan on selling all of its XRP.

They plan to retain 25% of their XRP to turn a profit and further fund its own operations.

The rest is distributed to incentivize the participation of market makers/gateways to UTILIZE THE PROTOCOL ✅

“As Demand grows PRICE ⬆️” https://t.co/Rc5dCkvrfA pic.twitter.com/ih0vHDfsWH

— SMQKE (@SMQKEDQG) June 20, 2024

This revelation has sparked reactions from community members. Some have dismissed its relevance given that it is a decade old, suggesting the likelihood of Ripple deviating from the proposition in the document.