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Fuse Network launches second airdrop with additional 2.5 million FUSE tokens

source-logo  finbold.com 20 June 2024 10:59, UTC

Fuse Network, a Web 3 business and finance platform, has announced a second airdrop campaign with a pool of 2.5 million FUSE tokens to be distributed as rewards, as per the latest updates shared with Finbold on June 20.

The new initiative follows the successful first campaign, which distributed 1 million FUSE tokens earlier this week.

Having kicked off on June 17, the new campaign brings innovative ways of engaging with participants and features partnerships with organizations such as Meridian, LogX, Mirakle, Lynx Finance, GoodDollar, and Demented Games.

🚀 Season 2 is LIVE!

We’re excited to launch #FuseAirdrop Season 2. Engage new quests, multipliers, and a larger prize pool.

💰 2,500,000 in $FUSE tokens rewards!

🆕 What’s new in Season 2?

– New quests with @MeridianFi , @voltfinance @LogX_trade , @MirakleDEX,… pic.twitter.com/XNYm4mFLp9

— Fuse Network (@Fuse_network) June 17, 2024

Fuse Network’s second airdrop

In collaboration with Layer 3, a blockchain platform focused on enhancing user engagement and reward participation, Fuse Network aims to offer more incentives on its platform.

Participants can earn points by following Fuse on social media, referring friends, providing liquidity, staking FUSE and VOLT on Voltage decentralized exchange (DEX) pools, maintaining a wallet for over a year, and so on.

New quests include claiming GoodDapp’s G tokens, lending on Meridian, and staking VOLT via the Volt app.

Additional tasks will be added in the future, including borrowing on Meridian, exploring Mirakle, staking QIJI on Mirakle DEX, providing liquidity on Lynx and LogX via Fuse Network, etc.

The leaderboard points from the first season have been reset, but participants from the first season will have their points carried over.

Addressing issues with the first campaign

The first airdrop campaign experienced issues when bad actors attempted to exploit the system during referral point calculation

With the second airdrop campaign, these issues have been resolved, with points recalculated accurately for all participants. The Fuse team remarked:

“This issue has been fixed, and points have been recalculated correctly for all participants performing the referrals. Future points will be accrued accurately, reflecting true engagement.”

By recalculating and updating points for all participants who partook in the first season, Fuse Network seeks to foster fairness and offer a better overall experience.